Pigeons in tiny cowboy hats are a mystery in Las Vegas

Las Vegas residents spotted at least two birds wearing tiny cowboy hats. No one seems to know how the birds got the hats, but it worries a local bird rescue group.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A mother-daughter duo managed to track down, the now famous, cowboy hat wearing pigeons in Las Vegas.

"Every pigeon we saw we were like, ‘howdy partner, howdy partner, howdy partner,’ like making a joke out of it.” said Mariah Hillman from Lofty Hopes. 

Hillman and her daughter vowed they’d try to track down the pigeons and remove the hats.

On the evening of Tuesday Dec. 10 they came within inches of catching one of them.

"We chased him around with a net for basically two hours,” said Hillman. “He ended up over here. This was the first flat roof that we saw, and this guy came out and offered a ladder. So, we put a trap up there with food and water.”

They also sent out a flyer asking people not to feed the pigeons so they could more successfully lure them into their trap and remove the hats.

"They like to come out and feed in the morning and they like to come out and feed in the evening,” Hillman’s daughter said. “So, every morning and evening we'll be checking that trap."

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Best to use a pellet gun to shoot the hats off their heads.

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