NORTH LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- North Las Vegas Police have taken a mother and father into custody in connection with an infant found dead in a dumpster on Sunday.

52-year-old Raul Ramos and 32-year-old Adriana Hernandez have been identified as suspects, according to North Las Vegas Police.

Ramos and Hernandez were located by North Las Vegas Police detectives in the 2200 block of North Las Vegas Boulevard on Friday, January 24. 

The mother and father face three counts of child abuse or neglect and one count of destroying/concealing evidence.

"I can't imagine [what] these people people [did] to this little child ... that's why I feel like, really really sad," said Magda Rozzo holding back years.

Rozzo lives near where the baby was found. 

So does Nicole Aguilar. 

"I'm actually expecting a baby so it's pretty heartbreaking ... there's no excuse to be able to hurt a baby," said Aguilar. 

Aguilar also has a two year old girl at home. 

"It also makes me think, is it safe around here? Because you never know if they would hurt any other baby or kind that's not theirs," Aguilar said. 

Aguilar said she hasn't been able to bring herself to the growing memorial around the corner from her apartment because it's too sad. 

Rozzo said she recognized Ramos and Hernandez from their mugshot. She said she's seen them around the neighborhood. 

North Las Vegas Police found the three month infant on 2500 block Carroll Street in a dumpster on Sunday January 19.

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(7) comments


She looks evil- these people need to be executed and every other child murderer should get a swift execution. Child murder is an epidemic- its sickening to think what is happening to babies in this country, all over Las Vegas children are being abused- someone needs to do something drastic to save these kids.


Total scum. Two bullets. Done.


2 was too many for the illegal free-loaders


I see your point. I support you on this.


Is that the way it's done in Mexico,m


Please, that is just so offensive for you to ask that... cruel people exist everywhere.. Ignorance and malicious thinking trigger stupid questions. Sad.


I agree!

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