Mugshots of Cierre Wood, left, and Amy Taylor, right. (LVMPD)

Mugshots of Cierre Wood, left, and Amy Taylor, right. (LVMPD)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A valley mother and her ex-football player boyfriend said they sat on, spanked and had a 5-year-old girl do sit-ups and sprints for punishment, according to an arrest report.

Amy Taylor, 25, and Cierre Wood, 28, both face murder and child abuse charges after La'Rayah Davis was pronounced dead at Summerlin Hospital on April 10.

The Clark County Coroner's Office determined Davis died of multiple blunt-force injuries and ruled the death a homicide.

According to the arrest report, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received a 911 call from a different 5-year-old girl on April 9. When Las Vegas Fire & Rescue arrived, Davis was cold to the touch. 

A body examination of Davis at the hospital concluded multiple injuries, including a bruised lump on the left side of her forehead, an appearance of bite mark on right forearm, an appearance of blood in her underwear, a distended abdomen and bruises all over the body, according to the arrest report.

In an interview with police, Taylor said she had been dating Wood for six months and moved in with him after one month. Taylor said she typically spanked with a hand or belt as discipline, but Wood said he preferred exercise as discipline, described as “learning through fun,” according to police.

Taylor said they were walking Woods’ daughter to school on April 9 and Davis bit Taylor on the hand, so she “popped” her, according to the report. Taylor explained to police that "popping" meant spanking Davis on the bottom.

Taylor said when they got home, she “popped” Davis three times and made her stand in the corner. Taylor told police Davis then took a nap.

Wood came home from work at about 5:15 p.m. and Taylor went to the grocery store.

Wood said when he got home, he made Davis stand in the corner for 10 minutes while he changed. Wood told police when he was done, they went to go “work on her numbers.”

Davis didn’t want to do "work on numbers" anymore, so Wood made the girl do sit-ups. Wood said Davis struggled to complete her sit-ups, so he made her run from one wall to the other. Wood then made Davis do 5 more sit-ups, according to the arrest report. While doing so, Davis fell backwards and hit her head on the carpet.

Wood told police he thought Davis was faking her injury until she stumbled while getting up.

Wood said he tried to call Taylor but his phone didn’t work. Wood told his daughter to try and call Taylor, according to the report.

Wood said he grabbed Davis and put her in the shower, splashing water on her face. Wood said Davis was breathing heavily. Wood told police he placed Davis on the bed and blew air into her mouth. When he did, Wood said a “red chunky” fluid came out of her nose, according to the report.

Wood said he called 911 and did chest compressions. Wood also called Taylor on FaceTime, showed Taylor how Davis looked and told her to come home because "something is not okay."

Both Taylor and Wood told police that Davis had complained of chest pain and was not eating normally over the past couple days. Taylor admitted to police that she sat on the Davis' chest the week prior as punishment. Taylor told police that Davis was very uncomfortable when Taylor was sitting on her. Taylor said Davis would not eat full meals over the past couple days.

Though Taylor said Wood spanked the Davis all the time, Wood denied it. Both Wood and Taylor said the girl probably bruised easily because she was might have been anemic, according to the arrest report.

When Taylor was asked by police if she or Wood accidentally ever caused more serious injuries, Taylor said that “it has to be yes” because Davis had died.

Taylor told police that at the end of the day, Davis was "gone" and the only two people “were him and me, so it had to be one of us. I honestly feel like when I sat on her I [explicit] her up…And now I don’t have a child now.”

After Wood and Taylor completed voluntary statements at the hospital, they became uncooperative with officers, at which point they were detained, according to the arrest report.

Wood played for the Texans, Patriots, Bills and Seahawks after his college career at Notre Dame. He also played in the Canadian Football League.

Taylor and Wood are both expected in court Tuesday morning.

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Uggh. Let them both rot forever. Maybe the "mom" will feel and express real remorse after a couple decades locked up, though I doubt it. Hard to imagine the misery and pain that little girl suffered.

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