Evidence of 2 or more shooters found at scene of 16-year-old Las Vegas girl's murder

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department turned to the community to help them catch Justise Allen's killer.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department turned to the community to help them catch a killer.

On Friday, a shooter killed a 16-year-old girl and injured another teen while they were walking home from McDonald’s.

As the memorial for 16-year-old Justise Allen continued to grow on Dramatic Way near Tenaya and Ann Road, Metro police held a neighborhood meeting to strengthen community partnerships and hopefully get more tips to solve the crime.

As neighbors recapped the shooting amongst themselves, one man was questioning whether he could’ve done more to help.

“I seen a car make a left,” Allen's friend said. “Then I saw who hopped out of it and I ran across the street to the McDonald's to call to make sure everyone was okay, and right when I ran across the street I heard gunshots.”

On Friday night, he said he was with a group of friends, including Allen, leaving a McDonald’s. He said when they were leaving, the group split up and he spotted people in a car that he and his friends had problems with in the past.

“That day; it was just like a chill day,” he said. “We weren’t even supposed to be fighting. It’s like they didn’t want to fight they just wanted to shoot.”

According to investigators, two people got out that car and started shooting at the group walking. Two teenagers were hit: Allen and a 19-year-old man.

“You guys bringing guns to a fist fight,” he said. “Nobody was born with a gun, why use one? If you got a problem with somebody, you can fight it out or just drop the situation.”

That situation ended a 16-year-old girl's life, and while the other victim was recovering in the hospital, he said Allen was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“She has no part in any beef that we had,” he said. “She was a good person, she made all of us smile, she had us laughing all day.”

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He also had a message for Allen’s family and her close friends still trying to cope.

“I’m sorry that she was in that situation,” he said. “It should’ve never been like that. Just hold your head up and hopefully, police can get to you all justice.”

And 'Justice for Justise Allen' is what Metro was working on. They held their community outreach event in the neighborhood where Allen was killed Monday evening.

Schoolmates continue coming to the site to mourn, and celebrate Justise’s life by bringing cards, letters, flowers ?? pic.twitter.com/2HrMwIe0H8— Chernéy Amhara (@CherneyAmharaTV) April 30, 2018

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