Meet the Victory Flamingo: how Golden Knights fans got behind the tradition

(Tiana Bohner/FOX5)

With a record-setting hockey team comes a lot of fans, human and otherwise.

Last week, FOX5 met Bark-Andre Furry, named after Golden Knights goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

On Wednesday, FOX5 talked to another social media sensation: the VGK Flamingo.

From a peaceful perch to the cold, hard ice, the former lawn ornament has a new purpose in life. Now the flamingo has a voice and mind of its own, thanks to Golden Knights season ticket holder Drew Johnson.

Johnson first threw the flamingo on the ice after a big victory against the Calgary Flames.

“After that Karlsson had a hat trick, Fleury had a shutout,” he said. “It was one of the best games of the year.”

And it’s continued to be good luck through the playoffs.

Hey @VGKFlamingo thanks for chatting with us! More on this rising star ahead of Game 3 #vegasborn @FOX5Vegas— Tiana Bohner (@FOX5_Tiana) May 16, 2018

“Players who touch the flamingo, Tuch, Haula, after they picked it up, they've scored the next goals,” he said.

A transplant from Nashville, Johnson said he got the idea after seeing how other fans cheered on their teams.

“When you see the great NHL teams, they have fans that people know, supporters that people follow,” Johnson said. “When you see Bark-Andre Furry and the Wolverine, it just makes people more excited, more engaged about the team.”

And FOX5 had to ask Johnson, ‘Why a flamingo?’

“It really encapsulates Vegas,” he said. “It's pretty hard to throw a showgirl over the glass so I thought a flamingo would be more appropriate.”

Known as the Victory Flamingo, he has a big following on Twitter and even his own stuffed animal.

Johnson is happy to see fans embrace the plastic bird.

“That's the best part. It's not mine. It's everybody's,” he said. “We see five or six people throwing it after every game.”

But he has one more big dream for his fowl friend.

“My ultimate goal is for the flamingo to drink out of the Stanley Cup,” he said.

Johnson said he does not get the flamingo back after he tosses it on the ice. So he bought more than 100 plastic birds for future games.

The VGK flamingo does travel and will be at Game 5 in Winnipeg.

You can follow him on Twitter here:

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