Marijuana at Planet 13

LAS VEGAS -- In Nevada, people are only allowed to smoke recreational marijuana inside homes. But most tourists in Las Vegas don’t have that option.

That’s why some lawmakers have been pushing for marijuana lounges.

County Commissioner-elect Tick Segerblom and a handful of state assembly members checked out the first of only two facilities in the U.S. where people can buy and smoke weed in the same place: in San Francisco.

“We wanted to go up and firsthand see what they do and talk to the state and the city and see what issues have come up,” Segerblom said.

Both lounges were attached to dispensaries.

"They screen people to make sure they aren't under the influence of anything before they go in there, and then they watch you while you’re in there," Segerblom said. "One place just allowed 30 minutes, and then you had to leave -- and the other place was much more informal but you had to pay a fee to go in."

Segerblom said he likes the strict screening and has some other ideas.

"In Nevada, I think you could also add food or beverages, entertainment, massages, something extra." 

That “something extra” is to lure in more people and therefore more money.

"We have to figure out the way to make money,” said Segerblom.

Valley dispensaries would cash in too.

“We’re excited. We think it’s an awesome opportunity for the Las Vegas market,” said David Farris of Planet 13.

"The world’s largest dispensary" has plans to expand if Segerblom’s proposal passes.

"In upcoming phases we're looking at a possibly lounge concept," Farris said.

Visitor Phillip Trafecanty says lounges are an “excellent idea.”

"It'd be nice [and] comfortable to be in a place where there's lots of security cameras and edibles and food and coffee to drink,” he said.

Segerblom will be sworn in as county commissioner in Jan. and says this is at the top of his agenda.

"It just seems like an idea whose time has come, and we've seen in California for sure that it can work," he said.

Segerblom said since legislation moves slowly, it could take about a year to get the lounges up and running.

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