Man who 'salutes all mass shooters' threatened West Las Vegas church

Calin Hodges, 23, was arrested after threatening to commit a mass shooting at a Las Vegas church (LVMPD / FOX5).

Las Vegas Metro police arrested a man who threatened to commit a mass shooting at a west Valley church last month.

Officer Smith was dispatched to investigate reports of shooting threats at Mountain Top Faith Ministries church located at 2845 South Lindell Road, near Sahara Avenue and Jones Boulevard on February 21 at 8:45 p.m. The suspect, Calin Howard Hodges, 23, was taken into custody after a church member told police that Hodges stated he was going to commit a mass shooting at the church, an arrest report confirmed.

Before the arrest, Hodges was reportedly sleeping on a bench in the church where about 40 members gathered for evening services. Police said Heyward Jackson engaged Hodges in conversation to offer help because he appeared disheveled.

Hodges told Jackson that he did not need anything because he was "planning something big" and claimed that he was going to be the "greatest mass shooter in history," the report said.

After the shocking statements, Jackson began recording the conversation with his cell phone, police said. Hodges referenced mass shooter Stephen Paddock, who murdered 58 people at a Las Vegas music festival last year, and said that he "salutes everybody who has the balls to do it [mass shooting]."

Hodges also said that he "completely identifies with every mass shooter," according to the arrest report. After Hodges made the previous statements, concerned church members were immediately escorted outside of the church into the parking lot.

Jackson shared the audio recording containing Hodges' statements with arriving officers. Based on the threats and statements Hodges communicated, police charged Hodges with making threats or conveying false information concerning acts of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, lethal agents or toxins prohibited.

Brian Claypool is an attorney and a 1 October survivor. "My anxiety levels have already peaked, and I when I hear these stories about copycat killers it actually makes me want to not be in the public anymore," Claypool said.

Prosecutors said Hodges had a diary in his car with writing inside that said "Stephen Paddock stole my idea on 1 October."

Hodges was booked into the Clark County Detention Center and is scheduled to appear in court on March 14.

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