Police are seeking the public's help in identifying a suspect who stole a package containing cancer medication from a home in the northwest Las Vegas Valley. (Ring)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Detectives sought the public's help in finding the man who stole a package from a porch Feb. 7 in northwest Las Vegas.

The package containing chemotherapy medication for a young cancer patient, was delivered to a house in the 1700 block of Mill Canyon Drive between 10 a.m. and noon, according to a release from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Gage Hayes, 14, was at a doctors appointment when he got a notification from his ring app. 

"I was really down that day. I was really sick," Hayes said. 

Hayes said he's been sick and needing the chemo meds. When Hayes looked at the app a few minutes later, both packages were gone. 

The video shows a man in a plaid shirt casually walk up to the front door with a soda in one hand and an orange in the other. Then he swiped both boxes. 

Hayes said it took him a few minutes to realize the package contained his medication. 

"I was just really sad. I know that how hard it’s been to try and get this medicine because it’s not really that often that we can get new medicine for me," he said. 

Gage was diagnosed with Systemic Mastocysis when he was a baby. It's a rare form of blood cancer. It causes him to have a weak immune system.  

"I can get sick really easy." 

Hayes has red dots on his neck. He said they get darker when he's sick and lighter when he's feeling better. 

"It's just really hard to do stuff like a normal person could." 

That doesn't hold him back. 

"I built a computer so I've been playing on that a lot with my friends." 

Despite his advanced computer skills, he said he wants to be a K9 Police Officer when he grows up. He said he works on training his own German shepherd. 

Hayes just started this new medication last month. He said the pills were actually working. 

"I was really happy because after like two weeks I started to feel a lot better." 

Metro Police said the meds are probably gone. 

“Pretty sure that that individual didn’t believe they were stealing chemotherapy medication and most likely discarded it after he found it," said spokesperson Larry Hadfield. 

The guy in the video probably also didn't know he committed a felony. 

“In this case it’s a grand larceny due to the fact that it’s a large cash value item," Hadfield said. 

Hayes was still hopeful his medication is out there. He has a message for the man who stole them. 

“Just please just give it back. It really helps me," he said. 

The suspect was described as a white male between the ages of 20 and 30, about 5-foot-8 inches to 6 feet tall with a medium build.

Video surveillance footage shows the suspect approach the house, wearing a red flannel shirt, sunglasses and a red baseball cap.

To help the family replace the stolen medication, people can donate to their GoFundMe

Anyone with information about the identity or location of the suspect was asked to call the Northwest Area Command Patrol Investigations Section at 702-828-8577; or at Crime Stoppers by calling 702-385-5555 or visiting

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