Las Vegas police said a man died on Sunday after he became trapped under a car in an east valley auto shop.

Officers responded about 4:50 p.m. to 3055 Fremont Street, near Mojave Road, where they said a man was working under a vehicle. The man became trapped under the car and he was pronounced dead.

Metro was on scene but said OSHA would be investigating.

Family members and co-workers identified the man as Ntumba Bukasa, a mechanic who was talking to two people while working underneath the car.

Bukasa's uncle, Kena Bashale, traveled from Idaho to see his nephew's body. He described Bukasa as a good mechanic and an even better father.

"He was good at his job. He got good money," Bashale cried. "I'm going to miss that connection. Ntumba was my favorite person."

Jaffar Abdullah, who owns the auto shop, said he noticed Bukasa was often distracted at work. Bukasa had recently gone through a divorce, and those close to him believe his personal life was negatively impacting his work.

Bukasa had three children in Las Vegas and another daughter who lives on the east coast.

"His children, they are nice children," Abdullah said. "(They are) respectful, respect their dad, and they love him so much. So, so much."

Abdullah said he hasn't been able to eat, drink or sleep since finding out about his employee's death. Still, he said he must work and take care of customers. Many of them arrived to the shop on Monday with no idea of what happened.

"I don't want to come here at all. I don't want to see the shop. I don't want to be around here," Abdullah said. "He's a friend to me. I (met) Ntumba five years ago."

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