LAS VEGAS -- Two west valley homeowners told FOX5 the same man stole their surveillance cameras off of their property.

“It happened [last] Friday just before 11 p.m.,” homeowner Chloe Rock said. “I checked the feed on the camera and in 36 seconds he made it from the driveway, to the front door, then he ran off.”

Rock lives near Durango and Vegas Drive. After the theft, she pulled the surveillance video and posted it on to the NextDoor app.

“Everyone said it looked like the ‘blue bucket guy.’ I think [my video] is the first time he was seen without the bucket,” Rock said.

Another neighbor who only wanted to be identified as Glenda told FOX5 the same man stole her surveillance camera Dec. 31.

In Glenda’s video, the man walks up to her driveway with a blue bucket, uses the bucket as a stepping stool, then twists off the camera.

“Everyone said it was the same guy that stole their cameras,” Glenda said.

FOX5 contacted several companies that install surveillance cameras. None of the companies identified surveillance thefts as a trend in the valley.

One expert said it’s possible the man steals the cameras then tries to sell or pawn the merchandise off.

Both homeowners told FOX5 they filed reports with Metro police. Officers were not available before this report.

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Good luck getting any resolution !

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