'Mad Mike' plans desert rocket launch to prove earth is flat

'Mad Mike' Hughes stands by his home-made rocket in the California desert (FOX5).

If you drove to a ghost town with a population of four people in the middle of Amboy California, you'd find a rocket and a daredevil pilot with strong beliefs and no parachute.

“Yeah. I’m the captain. I’m going down with the ship because it's safer that way,” Mike Hughes said.

Hughes has plans to head into space one day because he wants to prove to all his critics that they are wrong about planet earth.

“It probably looks more like a frisbee with turned up edges. Now the edge, which keeps all the oceans in, is a 150-foot ice wall which is Antarctica,” Hughes continued.

“I believe the current president probably knows. John Kerry flew there a while back. I'm sure he knows.”

It turns out he won’t get high enough to be able to prove anything with this launch except that hopefully, he can survive 500-miles per hour.

“To prepare I’m basically drinking a lot of water,” Hughes said. “This is one of these kind of stunts where it's kind of like ‘here honey hold my beer and watch this.’ This is the ultimate one. You know?”

Last time this former limo driver tried something like this was in 2014. He was only going 350-miles an hour but broke his kneecap and never went to the hospital.

“People ask me, you got insurance? no. you got a big bank account? no. I don't even have a bank account,” Hughes said.

He admits he doesn’t have much except passion and years of hard work.

“I do not claim to be an expert in anything, okay? not even launching rockets,” Hughes said.

He hopes that takes him far enough.

People who believe that the earth is flat say that image we see in textbooks are usually photoshopped.

Apparently, some critics also say this rocket is photoshopped.

It’s not and at this point ‘Mad Mike Hughes’ plans to launch it on Monday.

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