Lyft expands driverless car service in Las Vegas


The future of travel is in the valley and rideshare company Lyft has made strides by using new technology.

Lyft’s new program is like like a page ripped out of a science fiction movie. When passengers open the app on their phones to order a ride, they may see a new option: the self-driving car.

“For me, it’s like, I don’t know,” Nayeli Ficio, a tourist visiting from San Francisco said. “It shocked me. I didn’t know that was like an option.”

The autonomous cars were first introduced during CES in Jan. when Lyft partnered with a motor company called Aptiv. During that test run, Lyft offered 400 rides in autonomous cars for the week. The company received an average 4.99 rating out of 5 with the autonomous cars and decided to expand. In May, they began the pilot program that's been available this week.

However, the option to take a driverless car isn’t available everywhere in the valley. According to Lyft, it depends where the riders are.

Officials from Lyft said most of the high-demand locations for self-driving rides are on the Strip. People on the Strip Monday had mixed reactions to the possibility of taking a self-driving car.

“It depends if it’s safe,” Kevin Francis, a tourist visiting from Houston said. “Because I like my life, but then again, that’s kind of cool to have a car that’s driving on its own. I’ve never seen that personally.”

“It feels like it would be strange,” Kelly Kaufman, a tourist visiting from Nebraska said. “I’d be curious to know how the car would be, how it would look.”

Each self-driving car has a human operator inside it, just in case, for safety reasons. During the Vegas live autonomous car program, Lyft announced plans to have a fleet of 30 of the self-driving cars by the end of the year.

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