LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Eight people were taken into custody in connection with street racing in the northwest valley in August.

A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said some of those accused drivers traveled in from California. 

"We’ve actually used outside police agencies that we’ve been working with to get information from them to try to identify those people and bring them to justice as well," said Lt. Greg Munson. 

Munson said some Californians think they won't get caught since they're not illegally racing in their home state where their vehicle is registered. The wide open roads may be another factor bringing out-of-state drivers to Las Vegas.

"Come to an intersection where there’s four lanes in both directions, it's almost like a freeway, though it’s a regular roadway for us," Munson said. "That becomes an area where these people can do a takeover. Again, it doesn’t make it safe, at all." 

While reckless driving and racing is an issue across the valley, drivers tend to go towards pockets that appear more rural. 

The major street racing event last month was in the northwest part of the valley near Skye Canyon and Centennial Hills, where residents said they hear reckless driving. 

LVMPD officer uniform

"We have a new park over here with kids who ride over and play basketball, they have to cross the street at some time, so with cars going that fast up and down the street, it’s just really dangerous," said one neighbor. 

Police say they are committed to finding anyone involved in reckless driving, even if they are out of state.

"If they come into our town and do those kinds of things, when they leave our state, we’re reaching out to agencies in their hometown to identify those people and then here locally we’re going to issue warrants for their arrest," Munson said. 


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Well, heck, they're just happy to be out of California.

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