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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A valley woman dying of a rare form of blood cancer is fighting for her right to die with dignity.

Hanna Olivas, 45, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in May 2017. With a prognosis of about a year left of her life, she wants her death to be on her own terms.

“When you get diagnosed with a terminal illness your whole perspective on life changes,” said Olivas. "I don't want to die. My heart and my mind are still in the battle. It's just I can't control what my body is doing."

An aid in dying bill, or "Right to Die" bill, would legalize assisted suicide in Nevada. It allows doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of medication to adults who are terminally ill and have less than six months left to live. Nevada lawmakers heard a similar bill during the 2019 Legislative session but failed to take a vote on the measure.

There are eight states with aid in dying laws. The bill raised serious questions for Nevada lawmakers who were concerned about safeguards on the medication, the mental state of patients and the possibility of insurance companies denying coverage of care in favor of assisted suicide.

“You can experience depression at any point following your diagnosis not just when you’re requesting the lethal medication,” said one woman who testified against the passage of the bill in February. “If you look at Oregon less than 4 percent of patients are ever referred out for psychological evaluation and we’ll never know how many are actually depressed when they end up taking the medications.”

Olivas said she believes patients like her should have the option.

"I want to make sure that when I'm here and while I'm in control of my death so to speak on my terms,” said Olivas. “That I'm able to say goodbye to my kids, to my grand-kids, to my husband to my family while I'm still alert and not just a shell laying in a bed."

Legalizing a right to die law would make the underlying illness as the cause of death. Insurance companies would not be allowed to deny life insurance claims.

Once Olivas has less than six months to live, she and her family will move to California so she can end her life legally.

Until a death with dignity law is passed in Nevada or until she passes away, Olvias said she’ll continue her advocacy work for her fellow Nevadans.

“We're desperate for a cure but we're desperate for people to get involved,” said Olivas. “To be that voice for us when we can't and right now I can be that voice and that's what I'm going to do."

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Buy a gun, lady.


Corruption is rampant in the medical industrial complex. This is no time to issue licenses to kill seniors.

If the euthanasia monopoly would allow the means for an ordinary witness to the flaunted so called “self-administration” it would bring needed transparency to the covert Oregon type death laws. But they will not. Why? Because they have to protect their donors, predatory corporations and others.

All is not well where covert Oregon type death laws exist..

Consider that Yes 60% favor the concept but 95% reject legalizing euthanasia after they read the legislation and learn the extent of wrongful deaths allowed. This is based on 1,000’s of interviews. 

Potential for abuse abounds with laws allowing euthanasia.

These laws do not assure a peaceful and rapid death. Induced premature deaths are neither peaceful nor rapid 25-72% of the time according to a study by Bill Gallerizzo. 

The Oregon type death laws are promoted as “choice” for us individuals but are written to empower predatory corporations and others over our individual choices. 

An extrapolation of Oregon statistics reveals that 17-21% of the participants are forced to satisfy their facilitators. 

Examine the language of these death laws and dismiss the promotional sound bites.


Bradley Williams 

Care Giver....

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