NORTH LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The ex-boyfriend of a 19-year-old UNLV student was described as possessive and jealous by the victim's family, according to the arrest report.

Giovanni Ruiz, 21, was arrested in connection to the death of Paula Marie Davis, 19. Jail records showed he is facing a murder with a deadly weapon charge. According to the Clark County coroner, Davis died from gunshot wounds to the head and her death was ruled as a homicide.

21-year-old Giovanni Ruiz

21-year-old Giovanni Ruiz (NLVPD)

Davis had been studying economics at UNLV, according to the school. She was also a graduate of the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts and graduated in 2018. 

Ruiz and Davis were romantically involved for about nine to 10 months, but Davis had been attempting to end the relationship, the arrest report said. They had been having relationship problems, which led to them breaking up on Sept. 2.

Davis's family said Ruiz was overly possessive and jealous. Ruiz would limit Davis's contact with male friends and how often she could see her male friends, according to the arrest report. Ruiz also didn't want Davis traveling or joining in the FBI on the off-chance she was assigned a male partner.

Davis's mother, Kara, said her daughter was interested in joining the FBI and was "really excited about it." Her father, Sean Davis, said she enjoyed being of service, that she felt the FBI was a combination of things she could "really engage with." 

On Sept. 5, Davis had spent the night at her aunt and uncle's house to discuss her relationship with Ruiz to her cousin. According to the arrest report, Davis was very close to her cousin and the two would often confide in one another. The cousin told police Davis was unsure on how to end her relationship with Ruiz because he was being so persistent.

paula davis

Paula Davis (courtesy)

Davis had also been developing feelings for a friend, the arrest report said. Davis and her cousin decided that she would end her relationship with Ruiz and confess her feelings. Davis sent Ruiz a break-up text the next morning and returned home around 10:30 a.m.

During a records check of Davis's phone, police saw that Ruiz had responded via text and attempted to call Davis via FaceTime, but she did not answer, according to the arrest report. 

Neighborhood surveillance video showed Davis left her home at 11:34 a.m. and was skipping down the driveway to her vehicle. Family described how happy Davis was to have ended her relationship with Ruiz, the arrest report said.

Police found several more text messages on her phone from Ruiz saying how he was too busy and didn't want to go out of his way to meet Davis, according to the arrest report. There were no messages from Davis asking to meet with him.

The last activity on her phone was a call at around 1:15 p.m., about 15 minutes before the van arrived in the area of Desert Horizons Park. 

Later that day, at around 9 p.m., North Las Vegas police were called to the area of Simmons Street and Gowan Avenue after receiving reports of a missing person. 

Davis's parents reported her missing because she didn't pick up her little sister from school, which wasn't like her. Her family also told police that she did not show up for her 1 p.m. class at UNLV, the arrest report said. She also missed a family event, something Davis would not do, according to her family.

"I knew, especially given the amount of time, that something was really wrong," her father said. 

Her family was able to locate her by finding a notification from Apple that gave the location of her phone.

Davis was found lying on the floor of her vehicle, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. According to the arrest report, the coroner found two gunshot wounds to her head. It was believed Davis was murdered somewhere else and that "her bloody clothes were removed" before she was placed inside the van. 

"It is likely that her clothes were removed to prevent blood transfer onto the suspect when he was staging her in the van before parking it at the park," the arrest report said.

On Sept. 10, North Las Vegas police executed a search warrant at Ruiz's residence and found a bullet in his bedroom. According to the arrest report, police found a semi-automatic handgun hidden inside a suitcase in the garage.

There was also a receipt found with the gun that showed the firearm had been purchased two days before Davis was killed.

Police also found trace evidence of blood consistent with Davis's injuries, the report said. Ruiz was arrested and booked for one count of murder with a deadly weapon. 

UNLV confirmed Ruiz was also a UNLV student, in the graduate college for accounting. In May, he received a bachelor's degree in business administration.

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