Sahara LV/Facebook

(Sahara Las Vegas/Facebook)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas Strip resort filed a defamation lawsuit against a local blog after a writer claimed the resort was closing.

Sahara Las Vegas, also identified as Las Vegas Resort Holdings LLC, filed the lawsuit Aug. 6 against Scott Roeben, owner and writer on The lawsuit comes after a July 30 article claiming the resort was closing permanently.

The website, along with the Twitter account @VitalVegas, is known for posting rumors about Las Vegas-area hotels and casinos.

"At the time the Headline was published, Defendant had not, nor made an attempt to, contact LVRH or its representatives to either verify or seek comment on whether SAHARA would, in fact, be closing," the lawsuit alleges.

Officials with Sahara claim that the blog post caused significant damage, with employees asking if they would lose their jobs, guests calling trying to cancel upcoming reservations and business vendors expressing a "lack of confidence" in the property.

In the post, now with the changed headline of "Sahara Las Vegas Says Closure Rumors Unfounded," Roeben said, "In case we haven’t said it often enough, we share news on our site, but we also share rumors, speculation, opinions and industry chatter.

"We clearly state when rumors are rumors. Rumors don’t always turn out to be true. Often they do. If this one turns out to be true, we trust Sahara will retract its denial and send us an edible bouquet."

Roeben continues: "This isn’t our first dance with Sahara and it won’t be the last."

"The effect of Defendant’s statements represent an unjustified attack not only on LVRH, but on the Las Vegas community as a whole," the lawsuit alleges. "As a direct and proximate result of the Defendant’s conduct, LVRH, and indeed the Las Vegas community as a whole, have and continue to suffer harm."

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IMO VV carelessly crossed the line here. Their self-congratulatory view of their "insider" status hasn't translated into any significant guidance or information in such extraordinary times any better or more insightful than what everyone else is reporting, and this seems like a desperate reach to set themselves apart.


Another frivolous lawsuit by a floundering casino, only further proving why local people should avoid the strip properties at all costs. The strip has been and always will be geared to tourists that don't know any better as far as pricing of services. Bottled water is overpriced, food is priced high, and they happily just move along. The original Sahara was far better than this incarnation. You could not give me money to spend there, can find better places to play or eat.


Very bad idea for the Sahara and Grand Sierra in Reno to do this. They have totally lost my business. It was clearly stated it was a rumor. Vital Vegas is a cute little blog. Maybe the Sahara should police it’s own staff considering it’s fine from gaming control for not following assembly rules. Could have someone internally started a rumor ? I just think it shows very bad faith considering the Sahara got a bunch of free press they never would have had .. and got advertisement that they are here to stay. Now, I will not spend a dime there when they go after a little guy.

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