RTC bus in Las Vegas.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Regional Transportation Commission is experiencing reduction in transit funding as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To adjust to revenue loss, the RTC is proposing system-wide service changes impacting Fall 2020 passengers.

The RTC asks the community to provide input on proposed changes including route eliminations, routing adjustments and schedule changes during a 60-day comment period.

“Our public transportation system is facing the same financial uncertainty that businesses and communities across the country are experiencing when it comes to providing essential services with reduced budgets,” RTC deputy CEO Francis Julien said in a statement. “We know this is a very difficult time for our community as we continue to grapple with so many unknowns, especially as it relates to providing public transportation to our community. So before we make any transit service changes, we need to hear from you. We are making efforts to reach out and provide information in many different ways, and we hope we will get valuable feedback from riders and non-riders alike.”

The public comment period is open through Friday, August 28.

In addition to all details being available online at rtcsnv.com, information will be posted on all transit vehicles and sent to impacted customers.

Take the survey on the RTC website at https://www.rtcsnv.com/servicechange.

See the below list of proposed transit service changes:

Proposed Route Eliminations

  • Route 207, Alta/Stewart
    • Access to adjacent Routes 206 Charleston, 208 Washington, & 215 Bonanza, as well as multiple north/south intersecting routes remains
  • Route 209, Vegas Dr./Owens
    • Access to adjacent Routes 208 Washington and 210 Lake Mead, as well as multiple north/south intersecting routes remains
  • Westcliff Airport Express (WAX)
    • Some service replaced with Centennial Express (CX) route adjustment
  • Strip & Downtown Express (SDX)
    • Service replaced by Deuce on the Strip extension and mall/government center shuttle

Proposed Routing Adjustments

  • Route 104, Valley View/Arville:
    • Route to remain on Valley View between Russell & Twain, eliminating service along Arville.
  • Centennial Express (CX):
    • Replace a lower ridership CX routing for higher ridership routing used by the WAX.
    • CX would no longer serve Spring Mtn. @ Las Vegas Blvd, Howard Hughes Pkwy, or Flamingo & Maryland, but instead would serve Tropicana @ Las Vegas Blvd. & McCarran Airport Terminal 1 (in addition to current Terminal 3 service).
    • Express service to/from Centennial Hills & downtown Las Vegas, UNLV, & McCarran Airport would not be affected.
  • Deuce
    • Operate current Deuce A.M. routing to South Strip Transit Terminal & Las Vegas South Premium Outlets 24 hours a day.
    • Operate a shuttle to Las Vegas North Premium Outlets/Symphony Park area.
  • Henderson & Downtown Express (HDX)
    • The HDX will be shortened to run only between Water Street and Boulder City. It will no longer run to Downtown Las Vegas or the Sunset & Stephanie area.
    • The route may run a little more frequently, possibly every 40-50 minutes.
    • The route will stay on I-11, bypassing Nevada State College (NSC). NSC area will continue being serviced by the BHX-B.
    • The Paratransit service area will be reduced by .27 miles. There are currently nine paratransit customers in that area, who will all be grandfathered into the service.
  • Sahara Express (SX):
    • Eliminate SX-A service along Nellis & Lake Mead Blvd. SX-A would stay on Sahara to Hollywood, terminating at Hollywood & Vegas Valley.
    • Nellis & Lake Mead Blvd. to continue being served by other routes; no bus stops closed.
    • Modify SX-B service accordingly by slightly shortening the route, terminating at Cabana & Desert Inn.
    • SX service west of Nellis would not change.

Proposed Frequency Decrease

  • Route 122, S. Maryland Parkway/Horizon Ridge
    • Frequency reduction from every 30 minutes to every 50 minutes during weekday daytime hours
    • Once an hour evening & weekend frequency to remain.

Proposed routine, minor schedule changes:

  • Route 106, Rancho/Centennial Hills
  • Route 108, Paradise
  • Route 109, Maryland Parkway
  • Route 117, Las Vegas Boulevard/Silverado Ranch
  • Route 119, Simmons/Koval
  • Route 203, Spring Mountain/Desert Inn/Lamb
  • Route 208, Washington
  • Route 214, H & D Streets Route 215, Bonanza
  • Route 217, Warm Springs/Lake Mead Pkwy.
  • BHX, Boulder Highway Express

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In order to slow the spread of crime and Coronavirus no busses should be allowed west of Decatur Ave.

A wall would also help!

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