Nathaniel Postelle, 27. (LVMPD)

Nathaniel Postelle, 27. (LVMPD)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The driver in a suspected DUI crash on Thanksgiving morning had rock cocaine in his pocket and said he was only one light away from his house when the crash happened, according to an arrest report from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.

Nathaniel Postelle, 27, was arrested Nov. 28 after a fatal crash at Russell Road and Durango Drive at around 8:35 a.m.

Monique Prado, 32, died at the scene from blunt force injuries, according to the coroner's office. Prado was a mother of three and was visiting from Victorville, Calif. for Thanksgiving.

Prado's 12-year-old daughter was in the car at the time and suffered non life-threatening injuries, according to police.

According to the arrest report, Postelle ran a red light and struck Prado's vehicle as she entered the intersection on a green light. Police noted that Postelle suffered a head injury and evidence indicated Postelle hit his head on the windshield because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

Police noted in the arrest report that Postelle had a strong odor of an unknown alcoholic drink on his breath and body. Police said Postelle was also swaying and his eyes were bloodshot and watery, according to the arrest report.

Postelle told police he had a beer around 3 a.m. at his friend's house before he slept a while and left, the report said.

LVMPD Lt. Jeff Stuart told The Associated Press that the initial breath test showed Postelle's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

Police also found one gram of rock cocaine in his front right pocket, according to the arrest report. Rock cocaine is also known as crack and is typically smoked. 

A witness at the scene told police that Postelle was crying after the crash, saying he was only one light away from his house.

Postelle faces charges of DUI resulting in death, failing to obey traffic devices and drug possession, according to court records.

In a court hearing on Friday, Postelle's bail was set at $250,000. His next court hearing was set for Tuesday morning.

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Jimmy coors

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Pointless comment. You came here to whine about bullshit.


I hope he is Epsteined while he is in prison.


He looks like a real winner. I hope the judge makes him pay child support.


The commie judges are not allowed to be that rough on them due to equal rights


Lol you say that while trump is president. You are a moron.

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