cluck norris

Cluck Norris (Jason Westerhaus/FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The hunt has been on for two pigeons in Las Vegas aptly nicknamed "Cluck Norris" and "Coolamity Jane" after they were spotted with small cowboy hats apparently glued on.

The pigeons gained fame from a viral tweet from "LasVegasLocally," prompting Las Vegas-based pigeon rescue group Lofty Hopes to track them down. The story has since attracted national attention, including in The New York Times.

Cluck Norris, the pigeon seen in a red cowboy hat, was caught and captured on Monday morning. One of Lofty Hopes' members said they used a cat trap to get him.

"No animal should have to go through that. We're all living sentient beings," said Mariah Hillman of Lofty Hopes. "We all have the right to our own life, to live free from harm. Maybe the person who did this didn't think they were going to be harming them but in the end it has harmed him, so it's sad."

On Tuesday, the group said they rescued a third pigeon that they nicknamed "Billie the Pidge," also with a glued-on cowboy hat. The group said on Facebook she was dehydrated and had "string foot," a sign the bird was feral. 

Both birds were taken to a veterinarian to remove the hats. 

The group hopes Coolamity Jane hasn't flown the coop so they can capture that bird soon. 

It's not known who put the hats on the pigeons or why. 

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(5) comments


Get rid of all of the infectious things. They dump anywhere they please. Feed them raw rice. Or have a contest with pellet guns and the person who knocks off the most gets a cowboy hat!!


I hope this is the beginning of compassion for these precious birds. Since the dirty commission gave the okay to torture and kill these birds, I've seen them poisoned, trapped and killed by ignorant people, who spit in the streets, dump their garbage in the streets, but then claim these birds spread disease.


The world is full of idiots. Putting cowboy hats on birds. Really!!!

just sayin'

they looked cute, but I did not know the hats were glued on, that part is sad. I hope they have a full recovery.


Catching them with a pellet gun is very effective.

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