A dog is recovering after he was found shot and abandoned on a Las Vegas highway. The man who saved him wants to adopt him. STORY: https://bit.ly/2OqGoV3

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada Highway Patrol troopers are searching for the owners of a dog who officers found injured on a Las Vegas freeway on Sunday.

According to a news release, NHP troopers were responding to an injured animal call at Snow Mountain and the U.S. Highway 95 about 12 p.m. Sunday when they found two citizens stopped with a dog who was bleeding from the mouth and had blood on his legs.

Animal Control transported the injured dog to the Animal Foundation where he was examined by veterinarians. The organization's vets believe the dog was shot in the face. 

The dog, who is now named Dudley, is undergoing care at the Animal Foundation. He will need to be transferred to a local rescue group for further work and treatment, the organization said.

“[They] just left him there to die,” Doug Avey said. He's the man who initially found Dudley and spoke exclusively to FOX5. 

“There were two cars. I’m assuming the people dropping Dudley off sitting there,” Avey said. “I wasn’t sure what was going on. They were petting him on the head.”

When Avey returned an hour later, Dudley was there, but the two cars were not.

“They were gone,” Avey said. “There was another car there and I stopped to see if [the driver] needed help. He told me As soon as he pulled up to help, the other cars sped off.”

“They left a bowl of dirty water, two pieces of beef jerky and hard-boiled eggs, covered him in a blanket.” 

Avey did not get a license plate for the two drivers but said he is in touch with NHP. He wants to adopt Dudley once he recovers. A representative with the Animal Foundation said the foundation will prioritize Avey’s application.

Regardless of the pain he was in, the trooper who responded to the scene said that Dudley was the sweetest dog and loved all of the attention and rubs he was receiving.

"Animal Cruelty is a felony in Nevada and these perpetrators need to be brought to justice," NHP said in the release.

Anyone with information on the dog's owners is urged to call NHP (702-486-4100), the Animal Control (702-384-3333) or Crime Stoppers (702-385-5555). 

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(4) comments


Did anyone get the color of the vehicles involved?


Avey, god bless you for helping this dog and for wanting to adopt him. You are an angel. Monsters that harm and abandon an animal like this deserve the worst.


More Scumbag trash people in Nevada. Happy there is still a kind person that helped that sweet baby. Animals and Children suffer greatly in Vegas


People that abused that poor dog should have the same thing done to them.

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