New North Las Vegas police cruisers. (NLVPD)

New North Las Vegas police cruisers. (NLVPD)

NORTH LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- North Las Vegas police department is adding 77 new cruisers to their line-up by the end of this year.

The additional cruisers will add a police presence to communities and help the department deter crime. 

"With having more of a police presence it stops criminals in seeing that because there's more cops on the streets it deters them from wanting to do such crime," North Las Vegas officer Alexander Cuevas said.

Forty-five of the cruisers will be take home cruisers for officers, another dozen will replace older vehicles.

They'll look the same as the current vehicles on patrol and help with staffing as well. 

"With the additional vehicles we won’t be short vehicles on patrol," North Las Vegas Police Chief Pamela Ojeda said. "So we’re not calling in another shift meeting out early so that the next shift can have their patrol cars and we’ll have a constant vehicles out on the road."

Chief Ojeda said these cruisers will help keep crime rates low in the community. The city has already seen some of its biggest decreases in homicides and overall crime.

"Overall all our crime has had a 8% decrease. We are seeing are biggest decrease in homicides, which is almost a 30% decrease in homicide," Ojeda said.

Current crime statistics for North Las Vegas show a decrease in all crime compared to the first six months of 2018:

  • Overall crime rate (all categories): down 8%
  • Homicides: down 29%
  • Vehicle theft: down 23%
  • Sexual Assault: down 11%
  • Burglary: down 8%

"I hope that people see this and they say that North Las Vegas is becoming a safer place to live. That way our community continues to grow and more people want to live here," Officer Cuevas said.

North Las Vegas police just partnered with U.S. Marshals and added additional technology which has helped with their crime rates.

"We’ve gotten some additional technology for our detective bureau that’s really helping boost their crime solvability. Our homicide clearance rate is almost up at 90 percent this year. The new technology and software we got them is really helping them also,” Chief Ojeda said.

Ojeda credits her staff as well for the city's success in keeping communities safer.

The new cruisers are expected to arrive sometime before the end of the year. 

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bottom and company

Half the job of police work is simply being seen. Where the shield is scarce, the strong rule the weak.


Put them all on the south, southeast and southwest side of the dump city and you "may" be able to stop some crime.

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