LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- As the United States is getting more marijuana-friendly, a new poll finds that Nevada is the third most marijuana-friendly state in the nation.

According to the site Quote Wizard, Nevada ranks just behind Colorado and Alaska when looking at factors marijuana-related jobs, sales per capita and tax revenue per capita. Nevada ranks 4th in tax revenue, 5th in marijuana sales per capita, and 8th in job growth.

The survey found that marijuana sales in fully legalized states passed $10 billion in 2020. Nevada is one of 17 states to fully legalize marijuana, 27 states have decriminalized it, and 36 states allow for it for medical use.


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This is nothing to be proud of! Our state has become a drug trafficking and abusiveness of drugs along with rising crime! The consequences for introducing drugs will prove to be devastating for the state. Sad!


I agree with your statements, Sean. There seems to be a never-ending problem with driving while under the influence and the massive amounts of traffic accidents and fatalities that are not adequately addressed by government or law enforcement.

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