LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Nevada Department of Taxation has issued a notice advising consumers to avoid some marijuana products after they failed a secondary yeast and mold test.

The affected marijuana failed secondary total yeast and mold testing conducted by an independent testing laboratory, according to a news release. The results indicated total yeast and mold on the affected marijuana existed at levels of 11,193; 41,661; 36,082; and 39,971 CFU/g. The amount permitted under NAC 453D.780 is <10,000 CFU/g.

Additional samples are being sent for confirmation testing at a Nevada Department of Agriculture lab, the release said. Consumers -- especially those with suppressed immune systems or who are sensitive to the presence of yeast or mold -- who have purchased the affected marijuana are urged to avoid using the products until the results of the confirmation testing are received by the department. 

State officials warn of possibly moldly marijuana sold in Las Vegas

The Department of Taxation believes the affected marijuana was sold as flower and pre-rolls between July 11 and Aug. 19 at Acres Medical, The Apothecary Shoppe and the Blackjack Collective, the release said. The affected marijuana was cultivated by D. H. Aldebaran Inc. and Las Vegas Natural Caregivers, LLC; it was harvested between May 28 and July 10.

The affected marijuana bears the following batch and lot numbers:

  • DOSI popcorn/Joints/3.5g Harvest date: 5/28/2019 Batch #DOSI 052819 Lot #L1
  • DOSI popcorn Harvest date: 6/17/2019 Batch #DOSI 061719 Lot #L1
  • Funky Malawi 1g Harvest date: 7/10/2019 Batch #FM-07102019-01 Lot #FM-07102019
  • Fruity Chronic Juice 1g/3.5g Harvest date: 7/10/2019 Batch #FGJ-07102019-01 Lot #FGJ-07102019

The batch and lot number can be found on the product's label, typically near the top, directly below the facility information, the release said.

There are no known reports of illness, the Department of Taxation said. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has general information on how mold can affect people.

Consumers will be advised of the confirmation test results via a subsequent notice, the release said. 

Canalysis senior microbiologist Nikhil Kumar said in some cases, when the mold levels are high enough, consumers could do a sniff test.

“Mold could be musty or have different odors like a basement or urine,” Kumar said.

He also suggested splitting the flower open and using a magnifying glass to look for mold. It could resemble cob webs.

Despite the advisories Kumar thinks the cannabis industry in Nevada is safe.

“Cannabis is overwhelmingly safe in dispensaries. If you’re buying it off the black market, all bets are off. You don’t know what you’re buying. It could have mold in it or pesticides.”

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The pot I smoked in my young days didnt have this problem. I hope all this garbage goes bad and the stink is gone.

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