LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevada is sitting on more than $950 million of unclaimed property.

It could be a payroll check, a refund, an old bank account, a safe deposit box, or a number of other things.

Nevada State Treasurer Zach Conine said there's an easy way to check if any of the money belongs to you.

"What we encourage everybody to do, is visit," Conine said. "You can go on and search your name, your neighbors name, it was just Valentine's Day so maybe if you forgot a gift, search your significant others name, see if they have unclaimed property so we can give it back."

Unclaimed property refers to property or accounts in which there has been no activity for a year or longer. After a period of time, whoever has the money turns it over to the state.

It's usually intangible, like stocks or uncashed paychecks, or it can also tangible assets - like the contents of safe deposit box.

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