LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Leaders around the world expressed condolences after learning that Las Vegas Sands Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson died Monday night.

Obit Sheldon Adelson

In this Sept. 13, 2016 file photo, U.S. billionaire Sheldon Adelson speaks during a news conference for the opening of Parisian Macao in Macau.

Adelson, 87, died from complications related to treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma, the company said. Las Vegas Sands announced last week that Adelson would take medical leave for treatment.

Many leaders noted Adelson's humble beginnings before becoming one of the world's richest men. Adelson had large connections in politics as well as a GOP megadonor and adamant supporter of Pres. Donald Trump.

Here are the statements released by world leaders on the passing of Adelson.


Pres. Donald Trump expressed his condolences after Sheldon Adelson.

Melania and I mourn the passing of Sheldon Adelson, and send our heartfelt condolences to his wife Miriam, his children and grandchildren. Sheldon lived the true American dream. His ingenuity, genius, and creativity earned him immense wealth, but his character and philanthropic generosity his great name. Sheldon was also a staunch supporter of our great ally the State of Israel. He tirelessly advocated for the relocation of the United States embassy to Jerusalem, the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, and the pursuit of peace between Israel and its neighbors. Sheldon was true to his family, his country, and all those that knew him. The world has lost a great man. He will be missed.

His son Donald Trump Jr. tweeted his condolences, calling Adelson a "true patriot."

Obit Sheldon Adelson

In this Dec. 7, 2019 file photo, President Donald Trump stands alongside Las Vegas Sands Corporation Chief Executive and Republican mega donor Sheldon Adelson.

Other US leaders tweeted condolences.



I was very saddened to hear of Sheldon Adelson’s passing. Sheldon was a man who believed in, succeeded in, and invested in bold and daring ideas that changed the State of Nevada.

He came from very humble beginnings and rose to international prominence as an entrepreneur, a builder, and a philanthropist. He started as a customer, by building the preeminent computer convention in the world hosted by Las Vegas. He saw an opportunity, which many dismissed, and built the first convention center and resort complex on the Las Vegas Strip.

His vision of Vegas as a premiere business destination had a dramatic impact, as other resorts adopted this new business model and conventions and business have become a critical part of our success.

Sheldon led the charge to bring the NFL to Las Vegas, and largely through his determination and leadership, we are now the home of the Las Vegas Raiders.

There is no doubt that the Adelson family has been among Nevada’s most charitable residents. From programs to help the homeless and hungry, support for our universities and schools, developing addiction clinics, building the Adelson School, the family’s generosity has touched every corner of our State.

For me, in these difficult times, one act stands above all. Despite suffering significant economic losses due to the global pandemic, the shutdowns and limited business, due to mitigation protocols, Sheldon made a commitment to keep all of his Las Vegas employees paid and insured. That commitment helped keep thousands of Nevadans afloat during the most difficult of months, and Sheldon’s commitment will never be forgotten.

Kathy and I extend our deepest sympathies to Dr. Adelson, his children and all of his family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.


Beyond the public image and a Horatio Alger rise, Sheldon Adelson took Las Vegas to a new level of limitless tourism and convention success by bringing COMDEX (CES) into reality and building a five star hotel/casino empire. Little known but of enormous impact in our City was his enormous philanthropy and generosity. Mr. Adelson was a caring and religious man who quietly made lives much stronger and meaningful. Our prayers and condolences to Dr. Miriam and the Adelson family.


Sheldon Adelson is a man who has served our community in many ways: he was a pioneer in the casino and convention industry, a skilled businessman, and a philanthropist who funded a school, medical research, and countless other causes,” said AG Ford. “A man not born into wealth and privilege, Mr. Adelson was the son of immigrants who grew up sleeping on the floor of his family apartment in Boston. By the age of 12, he owned his first business and looked to the future with big dreams and a work ethic to match. By the end of his life, he had amassed over 50 companies.

Mr. Adelson was a man who worked hard to further religious causes. His work within and for the Jewish community is world renowned and will be a legacy for generations. And after the death of George Floyd, he invited me to discuss race issues with his employees to foster unity within our community, resulting in Sands-sponsored programs in the community to improve race relations. I will be forever grateful for that.

Through his deeds, Mr. Adelson has left a lasting mark on our community, and our Nevada family is grateful for his contributions. To his wife, Miriam, his children Gary, Mitchell and Shelley, and to all of his friends and family, I extend my deepest condolences.


I am saddened to hear of the passing of Sheldon Adelson. Sheldon and Miriam’s efforts to combat addiction and substance abuse in the Silver State changed the lives of many. As Jewish leaders, we also shared a deep concern for the rise in anti-Semitism and joined efforts to help combat hate. My thoughts are with Dr. Miriam Adelson and Sheldon’s entire family during this difficult time.


Sheldon Adelson’s vison helped transform Las Vegas from a small desert city into a world-class tourism destination. The Silver State’s massive business, entertainment, and convention industries are what they are today because of his life’s work and his dedication to building a Las Vegas that can cater to everyone from entrepreneurs to international travelers. My thoughts are with his family during this time.


Sheldon Adelson helped make Las Vegas a top international travel destination. He played a key role in making our city a premiere sports town. I hope the Adelson family will carry on his philanthropic legacy and I am thinking of them in their time of grief.


Sheldon Adelson left an undeniable mark on Las Vegas. Through his vast philanthropic efforts, he created new educational opportunities for Southern Nevada’s children and helped thousands of teens and adults struggling with opioid addiction overcome their illness. His legacy will live on through the Adelson Educational Campus and the Adelson Clinic, and Nevadans will continue to benefit from his generosity. I send my condolences to the entire Adelson family during their time of grief.


I’m saddened to hear of Sheldon Adelson’s passing. He was a gaming giant who helped shape modern Las Vegas, employing thousands of Las Vegas families for decades. But most of all, I appreciate his and his family’s invaluable investments in our community, from opening clinics to help those struggling with opioid abuse, to founding the Adelson Educational Campus, a vibrant school that’s now a cornerstone of the Las Vegas Jewish community. His legacy will most certainly live on in every corner of southern Nevada. Sending my prayers and deepest condolences to his wife, Dr. Miriam Adelson, his children, and the entire Adelson family. Rest in Peace.


Sheldon was a visionary entrepreneur and played a pivotal role, as both a customer and then as a resort developer, in establishing Las Vegas as the preeminent convention and meeting destination in the world. He also saw the promise of what a premiere stadium would mean to this city and was the driving force behind that project. On behalf of the LVCVA, I wish to express my deepest sympathies to Dr. Adelson, their children and grandchildren, and to the entire Las Vegas Sands family.


Sheldon Adelson built one of the world’s most recognizable gaming brands, and his impact has been felt across Las Vegas and around the world. It was heartening to many Nevada families that when the COVID crisis closed our resorts and casinos, he continued payroll and benefits for thousands of employees in the face of difficult economic circumstances. He and Dr. Adelson’s personal generosity led to the founding of the Adelson Clinic, which has helped many Nevadans through the difficult road to recovery from substance abuse over the last 20 years. I offer my condolences to Dr. Adelson and the entire Adelson family for their loss.


My deepest condolences to his family and the team members at his properties. We are thankful for so many of the wonderful contributions he has made to our community. He was committed to our veterans and Nellis families across the valley and to fighting opioid addiction, assisted his team members with building numerous community gardens, and has long been a pillar of Nevada’s Jewish community. May his memory be a blessing.


Sheldon Adelson helped shape the modern era of gaming and hospitality in Las Vegas, Asia and around the world. His vision and innovations defined what was possible and helped make Las Vegas, Macau and other cities the iconic destinations they are today. The trade show and convention industry and the modern luxury resort all bear Sheldon’s fingerprints and cement his legacy as among the greatest entrepreneurs in the history of our industry. A philanthropic giant, his deep generosity and innumerable contributions had a tremendous impact in Las Vegas and around the world.

The people of MGM Resorts offer our sincerest condolences to Dr. Adelson, the Adelson family and the team at Las Vegas Sands.


Sheldon Adelson was a tremendously successful business leader, and the impact he had on our city and our industry will be felt for a long time to come. More important, however, was Sheldon’s lifelong commitment to giving back to others, and the powerful example he set with his philanthropy.  We join the entire southern Nevada community in remembering Sheldon, and our thoughts and prayers are with Miriam, his family, and the Las Vegas Sands team at this time.


This is a sad day for Las Vegas. Mr. Adelson brought so much innovation and capital to Las Vegas. He personally kept LVS afloat after 9/11 and created so many jobs in our Valley. His leadership will be missed.


Few people have had such significant an impact on the hotel and gaming industry and on Nevada’s economy as Sheldon Adelson. He came to Las Vegas as a master of the convention business. Adelson became one of Nevada’s giants in gaming, conventions and hospitality. He was instrumental in transforming Las Vegas into the iconic destination it is today.

He also left an indelible impact on Asia, where he brought Las Vegas-style resorts to people in the Far East, helping to build the thriving international gaming market that exists today.

In the nearly four decades that I’ve known him, Sheldon Adelson has been outspoken with causes important to him. His advocacy for the state of Israel and Jewish causes was without equal and made a difference in countless lives both at home and abroad.

Landra and I offer our condolences to Dr. Adelson and the entire Adelson family.


Sheldon Adelson was a visionary who undeniably shaped our industry. From championing the nascent convention business, which has become one of the pillars of Las Vegas as we know it today, to being the first to develop resort-style gaming in Macau, the impact of Adelson's entrepreneurial vision and ambition is indelible. It may have been matched only by his commitment to his family and community. We are grateful for the legacy he left behind, and our hearts are with his team at Las Vegas Sands, and his friends and family.


We are extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Sheldon Adelson. Mr. Adelson was a brilliant businessman, a dedicated philanthropist, a patriot, and a great Nevadan. His generosity and kindness was impressive and much appreciated by those that he helped. His life story and legacy are truly that of the American dream and he will be sorely missed in our community. We send our deepest condolences to Dr. Miriam Adelson and the entire Adelson family during this devastating time of loss. 


“The world mourns the loss of a great man today and we offer our most sincere condolences to the love of his life, Dr. Miriam,” said Assembly Republican Leader Robin Titus.  “We are saddened by this tragic loss.” 

“Mr. Adelson was a kind and compassionate man who was very generous to our community, and an advocate for Israel.  His legacy will live on through the many charitable causes he supported, including medical research and Jewish heritage education,” said Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner.  “My condolences to Miriam and his entire family.” 

“When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Sheldon insisted on keeping his employees on payroll and health insurance and flew his personal plane overseas to pick up PPE,” said Assemblyman Tom Roberts.  “His demonstrated leadership was a role model for the business community as well as the country.” 


We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of our good friend Sheldon Adelson. Through his entrepreneurial spirit and vision, Sheldon helped inspire and transform Las Vegas into the world class destination it is today.

Sheldon was and will always be a legend in the gaming industry. Not only did he build incredible resorts for the enjoyment of his guests, he unequivocally set the bar when it came to taking care of his team members. He recognized that a property is only as good as its team.

He will also be remembered for his many great philanthropic efforts here in Las Vegas, throughout the county and around the world.

We send our condolences and sympathies to Sheldon’s wife Miriam, the Adelson family and the entire Las Vegas Sands team on their loss.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Adelson "will forever be remembered" for his work strengthening ties between the U.S. and Israel. In a statement Tuesday, Netanyahu called Adelson "one of history's greatest donors to the Jewish people." Adelson's death was announced earlier Tuesday. Adelson was a staunch supporter of Netanyahu, launching a free newspaper called Israel Hayom that served as an unofficial mouthpiece for the Israeli leader.


Sheldon Adelson lived a true American life. Born from humble beginnings he achieved extraordinary things. He was a defender of America, a champion of Israel & a friend. His good deeds & legacy will continue to shape the lives of millions. We send our love & prayers to his family.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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