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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A new study found that drivers in Nevada are among the worst in the country.

According to a study by Car Insurance Comparison, Nevada drivers rank as the 10th worst in the nation. 

The study notes that this is the third time since 2011 that the Silver State has ranked in the top 10 for careless driving, "which means it has some of the highest rates of bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities in the nation."

Car Insurance Comparison added that a previous study they conducted found Nevada to be the deadliest state to take a walk. 

Using statistics released from the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety, the study notes that in the first half of 2019, traffic deaths involving pedestrians were up 19 percent, motorcycle deaths were up 8 percent and fatalities involving bicyclists were up 25 percent.

Nevada ranked 33rd in terms of drunk driving, the study says. 

The top 10 states for the worst drivers included:

1) New Mexico

2) South Carolina

3) Arizona

4) Louisiana

5) Texas

6) Colorado

7) Missouri

8) Alabama

9) Montana

10) Nevada

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(5) comments


Utah didn't even make the list? Utah drivers are some of the worst!


Drove a cab for a year, and pedestrians/tourists would suddenly pop out from behind bushes and trees on the Strip. I don't think they care if they get hit?

Jimmy coors

Spring mountain,Chinatown or Nellis Cheyenne both pretty bad driving areas !


I drive for living, and I see too many "jay walkers" especially at night, that solves the pedestrian deaths. Jay Walkers don't care about getting hit by a car. Seems like they want the car to him them. And on the crosswalks, that big red hand light means don't walk. The bicyclists, they ride their bikes through the intersections on the streets even through the red lights!


When they say Nevada is becoming the worst drivers in America, are they referring to Las Vegas drivers, because the drivers that are here driving are from another state. They are not the born and raised Nevada drivers, if you see the cars that are on the road today, you will see more out of state drivers that is on the road and moving here and taking there bad driving habits to Nevada. And making Las Vegas or The State look bad in careless driving and making the list in the first place

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