21-year-old Giovanni Ruiz

21-year-old Giovanni Ruiz (NLVPD)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A man accused of sexually assaulting and killing his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend in North Las Vegas pleaded not guilty Thursday.

Giovanni Ruiz, 21, is accused of killing UNLV student Paula Davis in her car around 9 p.m. Sept. 6 in the area of Simmons Street and Gowan Road.

Ruiz pleaded not guilty during his Nov. 7 hearing to charges of murder, kidnapping, robbery, sexual assault and unlawful penetration of a dead body.

Prosecutors also notified the court that they would seek the death penalty against Ruiz, according to court records.

North Las Vegas Police confirmed Davis was sexually assaulted as she died from two gunshot wounds to the back of her head.

Ruiz and Davis were romantically involved for about nine to 10 months, but Davis had been attempting to end the relationship, Ruiz's arrest report said. They had been having relationship problems, which led to them breaking up on Sept. 2.

Davis's family said Ruiz was overly possessive and jealous. Ruiz would limit Davis's contact with male friends and how often she could see her male friends, according to the arrest report. Ruiz also didn't want Davis traveling or joining in the FBI on the off-chance she was assigned a male partner.

Ruiz's next court date was set for Dec. 19.

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(1) comment

Las Vegs Bob

Is this guy, Ruiz and his attorney in a coma? The police have found the weapon with two shots discharged in his living quarters which proves he is guilty of this crime. Have him plead guilty, sentence his to death by using lethal drugs in two weeks and if he wants to continue pleading not guilty and is convicted a much more painful method of execution will be used.

Only problem I see is the defense attorney will NOT make huge fee paid by the taxpayers if this method is used!!!!!

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