LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Homicide detectives at Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have the highest rate of any major police department when it comes to finding killers and getting them off the streets.

In 2020, LVMPD solved nearly 93% of their homicide cases, bringing answers for the families of many murder victims. On Thursday, they were recognized with an award and ceremony.

“I am very proud of the 24 men and woman that work for me because at the end of the day, we are able to solve a lot of cases that other agencies are not solving,” said Lt. Raymond Spencer, who oversees the homicide section. “In the last three years we have been in the 90% solve rate which leads the nation out of major city law enforcement."

For their work, the section is being recognized with LVMPD’s "Unit Meritorious Service" award.

“When you look at the national average which is in the low 60s, for us to be in the high 80s to low 90s every year is absolutely outstanding,” Spencer said.

Spencer said they work around the clock.

“We have outstanding investigators that work basically around the clock on these cases ... They give up a lot of birthday parties, they work on Christmas, they are here on Thanksgiving,” Lt. Spencer said.

Many cases use the same investigative techniques, but detectives are always open to using something new.

lt spencer generic

Lt. Ray Spencer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's homicide unit.

“Just this year, when you look at the Liam Husted case that we were able to solve, with the missing 7-year-old up on the mountain, you know, we have done things on that case that we have never done before,” Lt. Spencer said.

Lt. Spencer also suggested the Homicide Section is so successful because of help from the entire department.

“When you look at 15 years ago, homicide investigators kept those things very close to the chest where now we work with all of our partners throughout the agency from our gang unit to our criminal intelligence unit to the lab ... We all come together because we all have one goal and that is to solve murders,” Lt. Spencer said.


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Fund the Police! Great job Metro! Keep it up!


Right. Now how about a greater presence in the neighborhoods where ongoing crime is happening and being recorded on people's security devices? I'm seeing this through my Neighborhood app on a daily basis.

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