Fireworks at Red Rock Casino

17 pyrotechnicians worked around the clock on 62 firing battery units, nine miles of wiring and tens of thousands of fireworks to make it all happen.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Red Rock Casino gave guests a late showing of its Fourth of July fireworks show on Saturday.

Thousands of locals and patrons waited for the display on the holiday, but the casino announced approximately 30 minutes after its scheduled show that there would be no fireworks.

The cause? Red Rock’s vendor, Fireworks by Grucci, did not get the permit necessary to launch the fireworks.

"I was disappointed that someone didn't tell us earlier so we could've made plans for our kids and everyone to see the fireworks," said Jose Ortega. Ortega paid $50 to get himself and his daughter into the resort’s viewing area for the show. "We were sitting next to someone who drove two days to be here with five kids. And I just said, 'Oh my god!'"

Some had struggles with the casino before the fireworks event was supposed to kick off at 9 p.m. Amanda Boyette said she was unable to get a wristband to enter the viewing area. She said she opted to take her 3-year-old son across the street to view the fireworks.

That’s when she says security closed off the parking garage and refused to let any exit the area.

"[People] were yelling at security. They were honking their horns. Blaring their horns. Screaming. No one came out to tell us what was going on," she said.

While Red Rock ultimately delivered on its performance two days late, it's not enough to bring some patrons back for future celebrations.

"We won't be here. No way," said Ortega. "We'll plan something else. Or we'll just go downtown. I mean there's a lot of options. This is a service driven community. There's a lot of choices in this town."

Red Rock and its vendor, Fireworks by Grucci, issued the following statements:

Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa is pleased to announce that we have rescheduled our fireworks show for Saturday, July 6th at 9:00 p.m. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience relating to the rescheduling of this event. We know that our long-standing partner, Fireworks by Grucci, will put on an unforgettable performance tomorrow, and encourage you to attend.

"Fireworks by Grucci has a long-standing creative relationship with Station Casinos, and we must accept responsibility for the regrettable cancellation of last night’s fireworks show at Red Rock Casino Resort Spa," Fireworks by Grucci said in a statement. "The cancellation by Station Casinos was the right decision in our view because it had to do with obtaining safety certifications from local fire authorities."

Grucci's statement also explained how the late notice for the cancellation was its our responsibility and apologized to Station Casinos, its guests and the entire Southern Nevada community.

"We promise to more than make up for the cancellation by staging an unforgettable performance tomorrow evening," Grucci said. "We highly value our long-standing relationship with Station Casinos and the entire Las Vegas community and are sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment the cancellation has caused."

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Not real clear on what really happened here: did Red Rock use its Security detail to lock patrons IN its parking garage while this fiasco unfolded? If so, how was this justified? Fireworks, delayed fireworks, or no fireworks, who made the call to deny paid guests the ability to LEAVE the premises on freaking Independence Day?

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