(Clint Jenkins for Palms Casino Resort)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of nightclub Kaos workers alleges up to hundreds of employees are owed pay for 60 days.

The suit, filed on behalf of a head cocktail waitress and other workers, claims nightclub workers were not given 60 days' notice under the federal WARN Act to notify employees of their job termination.

A letter given to Kaos employees Nov. 5 notified workers of the club’s immediate shutdown and provided workers the option of two weeks of severance pay or 60 days of on-call employment; all jobs would be terminated in 60 days.

“We at this time are not going to take a measly two-week severance on behalf of the class, nor are we able to take the second option,” attorney Christian Gabroy said, arguing workers may be unwillingly transferred to different locations across the valley for temporary, unstable jobs.

Red Rock Resorts would not comment on pending litigation or disclose the number of employees affected.

Workers said the loss of a job will be tough over the holidays.

Nightclub industry insiders say it will be difficult during the “slower” winter months to find that many jobs for that amount of Kaos employees.

“It can really start affecting the whole town,” said Ryan Dahlstrom of the Nightclub Hall of Fame. “Now is the time the locals need to step up."


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just sayin'

Yes, it sucks that they lost their jobs, and going after the deep pockets will only get them their hourly wage compensation. The attorneys will make most of the money. Just goes to show you how much the owners, of the BIG casino company, care for the employee. I wish them luck.

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