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Xiaomei Shen

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas woman has been sentenced for her role in operating an unlicensed spa as a front for an illegal house of prostitution.

Xiaomei Shen, 58, was placed on probation with a suspended imposition of sentence of 12 to 32 months, according to a news release from the Nevada attorney general's office.  Shen previously pleaded guilty to one count of felony money laundering. As part of her plea deal, she agreed to forfeit $824,522.64 and two parcels of real property seized during the investigation. Their estimated value is approximately $800,000. Proceeds from the forfeiture will be distributed to programs for the prevention of child sex trafficking or for services to trafficking victims per Nevada statute. 

Shen was a manager and worker at Oasis Health Spa in Clark County, which was closed as a result of the investigation into this case, the release said.

Her money laundering charge said that between Sept. 30 and Oct. 30, 2018, Shen conducted or attempted to conduct financial transactions with the proceeds of unlawful activity, in this case "pandering and/or living from the earnings of a prostitute" with the intent of furthering the unlawful activity. Court documents show Shen paid a female prostitute with two checks in the amount of $10,000 from a bank account in the name of Oasis Health Spa.

“Abusing or exploiting individuals for profit is reprehensible,” Attorney General Aaron Ford said. “This case represents the largest forfeiture ever obtained by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, and we are proud to hold this individual accountable for her actions and obtain a substantial recovery that will directly benefit victims of trafficking here in Nevada.” 

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I'm sure the prostitute that got paid $10k didn't feel "abused and exploited". Prostitution really needs to be legalized everywhere. It's a victimless crime when involving two consenting adults. Legalization will help to combat sex trafficking and child exploitation. Haven't we learned anything from the Prohibition? The war on drugs?


If all of her prostitutes were working voluntarily and of age to consent, then the only alleged crime here was not giving the government their cut of the profits. No victim, no crime. At least, that’s how a logical juror would see it before nullifying the trial.

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