LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Las Vegas police have identified a kidnapping suspect seen on home surveillance video allegedly trying to force his ex-girlfriend back into his car following a drunken New Year's altercation.

Officers responded to a home near Warm Springs Road and the 215 Beltway just before 1 a.m. Jan. 1 where a resident captured an in-progress kidnapping on their home surveillance system, according to a media release.

The footage shows a woman running from a white Hyundai Sonata toward a house, screaming for help. According to an arrest report, the victim, a resident of Henderson, could be seen yelling "Darnell, stop!" The suspect beat  and dragged her toward the vehicle. Police said the location where the surveillance video was captured was "completely random."

Friends of the victim and cross-referenced dispatch calls identified the suspect as 23-year-old Darnell Rodgers. He and the victim share a child together. The two were leaving a New Year's celebration when an argument broke out.

Rodgers told police he was drunk and couldn't remember what caused the argument, but it was about money. He told police he struck the woman during the altercation because "she was going to take my kid away from me," according to an arrest report. Rodgers said he was afraid she would leave him.

Darnell Rodgers, 23. (LVMPD)

Darnell Rodgers, 23. (LVMPD)

Rodgers was taken into custody around 3 a.m. Jan. 2 near the 4400 block of Sirius Avenue, near Arville Street north of Desert Inn Road.

According to an arrest report, the woman was found safe at her parent's house in Henderson. Police also said the couple's 1-month-old child was in the car at the time of the incident, but was also found safe.

Rodgers faces charges of kidnapping and domestic battery. According to jail records, Rodgers' first court appearance was set for Jan. 3.

kidnapping jpg

Kidnapping victim seen in home surveillance tape. (LVMPD)

Las Vegas police thanked citizens for their helpful tips on the case and said home surveillance systems have been "so helpful," to law enforcement.

Police also mentioned that citizens can submit home surveillance videos through their Vegas SafeCam program to help catch criminals. LVMPD said homeowners and business owners can register their surveillance cameras with police so that patrol officers can follow up when a crime happens in a certain area.

According to the LVMPD website, police cannot "tap in" to your surveillance cameras if you register for the program.

The full video can be seen by clicking here. Warning: The video contains graphic content and language. Viewer discretion is advised. 


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Glad they found her safe. But it means she'll need boatloads of counseling and deprogramming to get and stay away from this creep forever.


Can this be the same people that was seen screaming from the car and the man saying he was sorry! Looks like same car.


Yes, she definitely knows him. She said "Stop, Darnell."


I cut the cord off my TV and threw it out the window, so I didn't have to watch another Tom Steyer commercial. Please make him stop.

Jimmy coors

So what’s your plans for 2020 ? Going to be the first kidnapper of the year ? Oh yea !

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Poor Little Black Boys

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Sounds like she is saying stop Darnell. Hope they find her safe and lock this guy up.

The Mark Price is Right


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