LAS VEGAS (FOX 5)-- Motorcyclists can be tough to see on valley roads that's why a Las Vegas man is inventing a jacket easily visible by drivers. 

"I was thinking what can I do to make us more visible? But at the same time look cool,"said Michael Ejiawoko. 


Now when he gears up to ride, he checks both those boxes. Bluetooth syncs LED lights on Ejiawoko's jacket to his bike. 

"There's a brain that we install in the bike, there's also a brain inside the jacket they communicate with each other wirelessly," said Ejiawoko. 

When Ejiawoko talks to drivers he's welcomed with high remarks about the jacket's effectiveness.

"I've ridden to plenty of gas stations and just had people be like hey, we seen you from way over there!" said Ejiawoko. 

If he breaks down, there's a light for that too. Through the remote control in his pocket, Ejiawoko can make his turn signal and break lights blink like hazards. 

"I feel very safe with this jacket on," said Ejiawoko's friend Gage. 

He's one of nearly 30 motorcyclists across Nevada wearing "Litgear." 

If Ejiawoko has a passenger he can also link the jackets. He's working on more light up safety gear like pants, boots and backpacks. 

Even with the extra lights, Ejiawoko knows motorcycles make some drivers nervous, like his own dad. Driving in Las Vegas even makes Ejiawoko nervous. 

"Everybody's drinking here but it's definitely scary," Ejiawoko said. 

Department of Public Safety Spokesperson Andrew Bennett said 15% more motorcyclists have died on Nevada roads than last year. 

Ejiawoko said Litgear will help him and other riders get home safe. 

"Oh my father is so against motorcycles, but he feels a lot better now that I have this jacket," said Ejiawoko. 

The jackets are little pricey. The cowhide jacket Ejiawoko wears sells for $1,500. He said he's working on the price so more riders can reap the safety benefits. 

If you would like to purchase one of Ejiawoko's jackets you can check it out by clicking Litgear here. 

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