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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nolah Roberson is quick to admit she enjoys the "sugar baby" lifestyle.

“If I have a need, I just ask [a sugar daddy] now,” Roberson said.

The single mom of two and Las Vegas educator asked FOX5 to use her alias so that she does not lose her day job as an educator at a valley elementary school.

She used to work as a first and fourth grade teacher, and now serves as support staff outside the classroom.

Roberson first got the idea to work as a sugar baby when she was struggling financially.  

“I used to live paycheck to paycheck,” Roberson said. “I got far behind on my mortgage, behind on my car note, behind on electricity.”

Roberson told FOX5 she cannot support her family and pay off her bills with her teacher salary. She uses the website Seeking Arrangement for additional funds.

The website advertises itself as a platform where “sugar babies enjoy a life of luxury by being pampered.” In exchange, sugar daddies or "mommas" find “beautiful members to accompany them at all times.”

 “A lot of the men who are on the site just enjoy spoiling a woman,” Roberson said.

According to Roberson, dates through the website have landed her extravagant dinners on the Strip, prime seating at Vegas Golden Knights games, trips to Miami and New York, and cash.

“Last week I made $3,200 as a sugar baby,” Roberson said.

By comparison, Roberson makes about $1,600 every two weeks in her current role at the elementary school. 

“I pay my bills and I get to enjoy the experiences that come with it,” Roberson said. “I don’t have to do much. I just have to be considerate, smile and look pretty.”

Roberson claims she has only slept with a couple of the sugar daddies she’s dated.

“It’s just like on any date. If you go on ten dates, you might sleep with two of those ten people,” Roberson said. “That’s just regular dating. For me I have slept with a couple of the sugar daddies.”

Roberson said she never talks about sex when arranging dates but when she hits it off with a sugar daddy, the relationship can develop in to something more.

“I meet them as friends and try to build relationships.”

Joe Gersten of the Gersten Law Firm called the difference between a prostitute and a sugar baby "blurry." He said the key difference keeping sugar babies out of trouble is the characterization of the relationship.

“The difference here is the categorization,” Gersten said. “Both parties will sit there and say they’re paying for companionship.”

According to Gersten, people pay prostitutes for sex, they give sugar babies gifts or an allowance for their time. What happens during that time is up to the people involved.

Seeking Arrangement monitors the site for transactional language and removes users who violate the rules, according to a representative.

“If you’re talking about any transactional language, money, or pay-per-meet scenarios, we have tools that will find that and you will be banned,” a Seeking spokesperson said. “That’s not something we allow.”

According to the spokesperson, the site hosts 10,000 teachers. About 300 of those teachers are in Clark County.

Nevada ranked eighth in the nation for having the most teacher sugar babies. California ranked first, followed by New York and Texas.

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