Time Out sports bar

Crash into Time Out sports bar in Las Vegas on Jan. 11, 2020. (LVMPD Traffic Bureau/Twitter)


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas sports bar is still serving customers despite an alleged drunk driver plowing through one of their walls.

It was Saturday night and the San Francisco 49ers just won at Time Out Sports Bar and Grill off Charleston and Jones boulevards. Fans like Tom Sokolik were celebrating at the Niners bar.

“We just got done playing pool actually, sat down for a couple minutes,” he said. “Next thing you hear, Pow! Crash!”

Chef Earl Brown said he had plates of food in his hand to deliver. “I go out and, boom! It was like a giant bomb going off.”

Brown saw the truck plow through and said patrols were sitting in a corner of the bar just feet away from the damage.

Two customers said debris hit their friends in the back and pushed them into the bar so they had to be treated at the hospital.

“Everybody was scrambling,” Brown said. “There was a cloud of dust that went through the whole building.”

Sokolik said the driver tried to back up and get away. Other customers rushed out, turned off his car and took away his keys.

“He was totally, totally inebriated,” Brown said.

Time Out’s owner said no one at his bar served that driver, that night.

“He was probably coming here, but he wasn't here that night,” Brown said.

Instead, Brown said their bartenders are trained to intervene when customers have had a little too much.

“We cut people off all the time but we don't let them leave,” he said. “We tell them to please drink some water, stay here an hour so that I can see that you're okay before you leave.”

LVMPD said in this case, the driver blew a 0.14 BAC, which is nearly two times the legal limit. Police also said this was the unnamed driver's second drunken driving offense.

“Now days it's so easy to take a Lyft home and it's so cheap, so you should not make that mistake,” Sokolik said.

That’s why Brown said he wanted to see harsher punishments for drivers who do make that mistake.

“We should have the right as servers to say, ‘Man, let me hold your keys for you because you're not driving right now,’” Brown said. “Please, let us stop these things from happening, if we can.”

Estimated repairs will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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