Pigeons with hats

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A video of pigeons wearing small red cowboy hats is going viral in the Las Vegas Valley. The man who shot the video said it was taken near Tropicana Avenue and Maryland Parkway.

"At first, I was like, oh my god that's cute!” Mariah Hillman said. "Then, I was like, wait a minute – how did they get those hats on there?"

Hillman runs an animal rescue called Lofty Hopes. Their slogan is, “a pigeon positive movement.” The organization has nursed dozens of injured pigeons back to health in the Las Vegas valley.

Hillman said they’re concerned about how the hats could negatively impact the pigeons.

"Did they glue them? And what does that mean for them?” Hillman said. "Is it something that's going to impede their flight or attract predators?"

The group is working to track down the pigeons and remove the hats.

“We drove up and down here yesterday for a good two hours just handing out business cards to any location where I saw pigeons and people," Hillman said. "If you see these birds, just feed them until I get here. I'm only 3 miles away and I'll come trap them."

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Please do a story on how the county commissioners passed a law allowing the trapping and killing of these precious creatures. They are not vermin or dirty disease carriers. In fact, humans carry many more diseases and spread them more.


I am thankful the county commission understood what disgusting, vile, flying rats they are. I hope whoever put the hats on the birds used a stapler.


I think it's great that the flying rats are being exterminated.


Does anyone find it suspicious at all that the person that is trying to save these Birds from the Cowboy Hats, and is bringing light to this situation is herself capturing wild birds, putting diapers on them, and having them walk on a leash instead of fly? Either she is hypocrite for looking at what she does as different from the other perpetrators, or she is the one actually gluing the hats to the birds to bring awareness to her cause because the wild pigeon in a diaper on a leash was not enough.

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