LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Four people were killed in a collision at a west Las Vegas intersection Thursday evening.

The multiple-vehicle crash happened about 5:26 p.m. at the intersection of West Desert Inn Road and South Durango Drive. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said four people were killed and two injured in the crash.

According to Metro, a speeding car hit another from behind, forcing it into the intersection. Three cars that were pushed together burst into flames.

The driver of the speeding car died, Metro said. Three people in the car they hit died, including a child. Bystanders rescued two other people involved in the crash, including another child.

Two people were in the hospital. A total of seven vehicles were involved in the collision.

Crews with the city of Las Vegas were on scene cleaning debris and fuel spills for about 12 hours. The intersection is open as of 4:30 a.m. Friday.

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BTW where is the information about the CRIMINAL who caused all this Metro? Who ya hiding? Also when do you post the pictures of the charred bodies and heads on the ground? Let the PUBLIC see what happens when you decide to go over speed limits routinely. When you tailgate endlessly. SHOW the costs of all this irresponsible behavior. RED ASPHALT Las Vegas. Show the BLOOD Metro. Where's Lombardo BW?


So if this would have happened on Monday it would be "not that bad"? How clueless are these cops? Maybe if they would have pulled this craphead over weeks before when he was speeding this could have been avoided??? or shutdown the ticket fixers clowns who aid and abet this behavior? Metro doesn't give a flying Huck about any of this. Chief Dumbardo spends 4% of their GD budget on what they admit is HALF the crime in CC. They would rather spend the money servicing the casinos. The very types who serve alcohol to people till the point they are zombies. Metro is swimming in blood now. THEY created this crisis.

Joe use

Third party interloping

Joe use

Maybe if y’all stop letting non bar members on the road situations like such won’t occur


There's a reason why Pot should not be legalized. Most of LV drivers are drunk or high on Pot or texting on their phones. LV has a big problem.... RIP everyone except the driver. I am living this city...


Get rid of pot, cell phones and alcohol. That will stop all the wrecks? Meth, crack and other junkie drugs are ok?


What happened to the tax increase dollars that were supposed to be spent on more officers. You barely even see patrols anymore. Just a speed trap here and there. Just another mindless drunk on the road. Happens too often here.


Wrong-way drivers, drunk drivers, inattentive drivers, drivers setting land speed records - it's a losing battle. Best to limit one's time on the battlefield.


Kinda doubt there was a stoplight error, which leaves a self-absorbed, no talent, no brains driver responsible for this.

Get the memo, people - don't drive like a jerkoff and be respectful of other's safety.

Comment deleted.

There's your irrelevant life.

Comment deleted.

You remain irrelevant. Still. Go join the likes of the dumb driver that caused the accident. Just do it on an empty road. Self-absorbed people like you need to keep your damage to yourself.


HawkStevenJimmyLikeBoys, little children are traumatized by you sexually molesting them. You belong in prison.

You still like little boys. With your irrelevant life.

The Mark Price is Right


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