Las Vegas police officer taken into custody after standoff

Police were at the scene of a standoff on Feb. 8, 2018. (Luis Marquez/FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- After the police tape is lifted and the coroner has left a scene, a national company with a Las Vegas branch shows up to clean up the scene.

Aftermath Services offers trauma cleaning and biohazard remediation. Technicians with the company assist in sanitizing situations involving suicides, homicides and other biohazard situations including hoarding.

“If anyone has a bloodborne pathogen like HIV or Hepatitis B, you can contract that from a drop of biological fluids,” Aftermath training manager Greg Moffett said. “It only takes a drop to become infected with it.”

Aftermath has 35 regional offices with one location in Las Vegas. A representative with the company told FOX5 they work closely with law enforcement and municipal agencies. They are also contracted out by private citizens following situations of unattended deaths and accidents.

“It’s not as easy as it seems,” Moffett said. “There’s a science behind it. Someone without training could not go in (to a scene) and do it.”

During a scene simulation, Moffett described the situation as a suicide where an individual bled out on a living room floor. After layering up with protective gear, including a respirator, technicians assessed the scene.

“Something porous like (blood in carpet) can’t be cleaned, so we cut out the affected area," Moffett said.

Technicians cut the flooring to the bone and dispose of biohazard waste. Other procedures include using two EPA-regulated cleaning agents to break down organic material in affected areas. Stronger chemicals are utilized to disinfect. 

Before the job is complete, Moffett said crews use special equipment to test the space for growing microorganisms not visible to the naked eye.

“We know we’re done when we get a flat zero reading,” Moffett said. “If we get a one or a two (reading), we have to do the process again.”

A single job can take days to completely disinfect, according to Moffett.

“If you’re not doing things legally, more than likely, you’ll get found out," Moffett said.

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