HENDERSON (FOX5) -- A mother of a teen who died in a rollover crash has a message for other parents: make sure your teenagers are aware of plenty of dangers on Las Vegas Valley roads. 

"It's not just being a good driver. It's watching out for people that are not good drivers," said Lorna Slabaugh, mother of 17-year-old Kira Bird. 

On Jan. 18, the 17-year-old lost control of her vehicle and died in a rollover crash on the 215 near Valle Verde. NHP said the crash is still under investigation. 

Slabaugh tells FOX5 she has no answers on what happened, and wonders if perhaps another driver spooked Kira, causing her to lose control of her vehicle. 

"[It's] a tragedy- a shock," Slabaugh said, who describes her daughter as a person who would warn others not to text and drive. 

Being aware of every possible danger is something that Thierry Brest of Las Vegas NV Driving School advises teenagers daily. 

"That's what we call defensive driving, how to recognize what the other person is going to do, before they do it," he said.  

He advises parents to stress to teenagers, make sure there's no distractions in your car-- from loud music, cell phones, or even friends in the vehicle. 

"If you're by yourself with no radio, you have a lot more chances to succeed, than with five people in the car, screaming and yelling," Brest said. 

He also advises parents and teens to take advantage of free Driver's Edge classes. The classes show young people real-life scenarios on roads, and how to react quickly. 

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