Road to nowhere finally leads somewhere

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A roadway the Nevada Department of Transportation never opened up Interstate-11 nearly a year ago was dubbed "A Road to Nowhere." The good news? This roadway now leads to "somewhere."

NDOT built a frontage road adjacent to I-11, between Dawson Avenue and Railroad Pass Casino Drive, when the highway opened in August 2018. However, the road was closed for several months.

Ronald Slavicek, a nearby resident, immediately started driving on the road when it opened.

"I was on it right after they opened it, and I’ve driven it a bunch of times since then," he said. Slavicek contacted the City of Henderson and NDOT in the past about opening the road, but was given mixed messages.

"I've tried contacting the City of Henderson they said it was NDOT's problem," he said. "I tried to contact NDOT and they didn't answer me, and then I went to [FOX5]."

NDOT spent an estimated $5 million tax dollars to build the frontage road adjacent to I-11. After reporting how the frontage road was closed months after I-11 opened, NDOT quickly moved forward to open the road. 

As of June 27, the City of Henderson and NDOT do not seem to be in agreement regarding who maintains and ultimately owns this specific frontage road that, at last, leads to somewhere.

"It was built with the understanding that the city would accept ownership of it," NDOT spokesman Tony Illia said. "If [Henderon] haven’t accepted it, then yes, it still remains ours."

Kathy Blaha, a spokesperson for the City of Henderson, released a statement about the roadway, saying, "We haven’t accepted the road or the railroad crossing yet. Both will take council approval and there are still some items to work out."

As far as Slavicek is concerned, he believes his job is done now that the "road to nowhere" leads to somewhere.

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