Michael Czaruk

Michael Czaruk (Courtesy, family)

UPDATE (MARCH 9, 2020): The Clark County Coroner's Officer ruled the death of Michael Czaruk as accidental by Oxycontin intoxication.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The family of a valley paramedic who helped victims the night of 1 October said he died of the flu Sunday morning, according to family.

Michael Czaruk, 36, had gotten his flu shot but his family says he got ill anyway. His fiancé claims Czaruk had one dose of medication to help fight the illness but stopped breathing at his home several hours later.

His death comes after he proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Brenda Occhipinti. Occhipinti talked with FOX5 just two years earlier about the loss of her son, Carlo Jr.

"The same thing that happened to my son happened to him,” said Occhipinti. "He couldn't breathe. It was the same thing. The next minute you know the paramedics say there's no pulse on him."

Czaruk’s family described him as a person who would willingly help anyone. He had a passion for serving and saving lives. While off-duty on 1 October, he volunteered to be on the clock and assist the wounded.

"They were shooting and doing whatever they were doing and he was out there helping people, picking people up, and getting people up,” said Czaruk’s mother, Sandra Stehlik. “That was Michael."

The Clark County Coroner’s office is still investigating Czaruk’s death.

Occhipinto and Czaruk’s family are urging the public to get their flu shots to prevent the spread of the deadly illness. The same message Occhipinto delivered two years ago.

"Brenda lost her son to the flu. She now lost her fiancé to the flu,” said Stehlik. Please, please, please go get your flu shot. It is important."

Carlo Occipinti Jr., 12, died of pneumonia stemming from an influenza B viral infection, according to the Clark County Coroner's Office.

The family set up a GoFundMe

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(12) comments


So this woman tragically loses her son and then two years later, her fiance in the same fashion and instead of sympathy, you go right to murder??! I'm not sure you realize, it sure seems you don't anyway, when a child dies there's a full autopsy and investigation. So let's cross that "suspicion" off the list. Next, Michael's family confirmed he had been sick. Also, just a fun fact about the flu shot, they immunize based on the strain PREDICTED to be most prevalent. That leaves you ALL THE WAY OPEN to ANY OTHER STRAIN.

A family is grieving, and if you think they don't know of these comments; you're wrong. Put the shoe on the other foot: how would these comments make you feel?!

I stand my by screen name on here: y'all really do need Jesus.


You humans are so horrible this mother/love is going threw a hard time for you guys too comment nonsense this is a real pain and I hope that none of you go threw such pain can you even imagine she lost her son too the flu around this time of the year this is heartbreaking imagine you can’t even imagine because my heart aches just thinking of it there’s so many similar stories a 6 year old girls heart stopped in the ambulance in front of her mother and father due to the flu you have no idea unless you go threw it and this flu that they call it !! It’s put here killing you little by little from the inside you heartless people!!!!



After doing some research (looking at the victims mothers facebook profile and fiances Instagram account) something does not seem right here.

He proposed to Brenda and just 5 hours later dies of the “flu”.

Her grieving post on Instagram page doesn’t seem to sincere with her mentioning over and over again HE DIED OF THE FLU. Looks like she’s trying to convince herself of the cause of death.

She should definitely be considered a suspect in this case.

Autopsy report will hopefully unveil some questions that the public would like answers to..

Garbage Planet

Agreed 100%. She claims her young son AND fiance died of the flu . . . and by flu she means fentanyl, administered while they slept. Watch this story people, because there's far more to it than meets the eye.


From 2 mins of a short video where all that is said he had the FLU you got that she administered fentanyl to them while they slept??? wow wait did we watch the same video? i’m not sure because who thinks of a scenario like that? maybe someone who has done it before..... there’s far more to this comment than meets the eye.


To start off, every single person including you that has made a comment on this article is wrong. None of you know the back story on what was wrong with the individual and if they had anything wrong with them. I’m sorry to burst your little bubbles but it was the flu. I see many of you guys like to act like FBI agents and Drs and went through that woman’s profile to see if you could find anything. The reason she states he died of THE FLU is because who would have thought in a million years that a flu could take a life. Maybe you little FBI agents and Drs should do a little more investigating on what goes on around the world. In 2018-2019 900 people have died because of guess what? the FLU. In 2018-2019 1.2 million people have been diagnosed and affected by let me see if you can guess this time. No? oh well that sucks it’s the FLU. And actually because of many americans around the world not getting their flu shot it is affecting others around them because they don’t know how to keep their germs to themselves and stay clean. ANOTHER thing lol... the flu is actually getting worse and worse as the years go by because bacteria and viruses mutate all the time. Now that someone has actually stated facts and not just created little narratives in my head based on little to no information I had, hopefully you can get over yourself and accusing a person you don’t even know of such a horrible crime.


something really fishy about it......


Wait, so he got a flu shot and died and his family is still pushing the shot??? Lol, NOPE. Flu shot + Tami Flu + Tylenol (come on, we know they gave this to him) = death. Flu shots kill.


Even the sudden loss of breathing doesn't sound like the flu. I hope they do an autopsy and, if necessary, have her son's body exhumed and autopsied. About the flu vaccine. I get pneumonia if I get the vaccination. Not everyone is safe to get the vaccination.


Okay Ms. Dr. May I ask, do you know the full story on what was actually wrong with the individual other than what you read online? Do you think it could’ve been other health issue you didn’t know about? Hmmmm I guess we will never know. I mean I will but you won’t :-)


She lost her son and her fiance to the FLU? I think they need to look at her as a killer....just saying


Can you believe that 900 people in the US have passed away because of the FLU from 2018-2019? crazy huh. i think they need to look at you as a hmmm maybe someone who knows nothing about what goes on around them?...... just saying

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