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(Courtesy, Terry Jones)

LEE CANYON (FOX5) –- A man on a mule north of the Las Vegas Valley said he was injured after a drone got too close for comfort.

Terry Jones, 71, was on Lee Canyon repairing mountain trails with his nonprofit, Back Country Horsemen of America, when he said a drone began buzzing around his mule.

"Once it came over the top, it descended and was following my mule down to the trailer,” Jones said. "[The mule] did a couple of jumps, a little buck and then he took off like bat out of hell. I mean there was a banshee on his tail."

Jones decided jumping off the mule, Blackjack, was a better option than getting dragged along the sharp rocks of the mountainside. He broke his shoulder, a rib, fractured his back and had to get staples on his head.

He said his friend took him to the hospital. While Jones was on his way, the group said the drone came back.

“It was like 'oh well you know it was a drone and it was a chance encounter… blah blah blah! "When the drone came back, now it's no longer a chance encounter. It's intentional."

Jones said he doesn’t know who flew the drone, whether it was malicious or curiosity but he wants drone pilots to steer clear of all horseback riders.

"The thing about drones is that they sound just like bees. Because bees and horse don't mix... that's why drones are so high on the awareness scale for animals,” Jones said. "[We need] to educate drone users that we're out there. We want everyone to enjoy the trails but we have to get along in a peaceful way. Drone actions have consequences. They are not just a harmless toy."

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