A local developer is getting people back to work and giving them a roof over their head.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- A downtown Las Vegas motel owner has an innovative way to help the homeless living on streets: offer them a room in exchange for work.

The new owner of the new Towne and Country Motel on Fremont Street offers people who are homeless or on the verge of no home a place to stay and a stipend in exchange for work. 

"I have a bunch of empty rooms and I need work to be done. I know it's super cold and around the holidays," says Jason Trindade, the motel's owner, who said the hotel needs serious renovations. He acquired the property Friday. 

"We could help some people out," he said.

Close to a dozen people are now part of his motel's program. He found them through the social media post, people approaching his business or Help of Southern Nevada. 

A post on Facebook asking for help to find workers has gotten tens of thousands of views and thousands of shares. 

The goal is to help people find permanent housing and a permanent job, he said. 

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Innovative? um..no... see, we all work to pay for a roof over our heads. We also pay taxes on that. So, nothing new here but a guy getting work done for free and niether the payor or the payee paying the taxes the rest of us have to pay.


Kaci: If your goal was to prove how self-absorbed, heartless, unempathetic, and hateful you are, congratulations on your complete "success."

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