Las Vegas homeless

A homeless camp set up in an unknown location. (File)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Demonstrators showed up to Las Vegas City Hall on Monday to voice their opposition to a proposed ordinance they say will criminalize the homeless.

If passed, the bill would authorize the Department of Operations and Maintenance to determine hours for cleaning public sidewalks.

The ordinance would prohibit anyone from sitting, sleeping or camping on sidewalks while they are being cleaned. Anyone who impedes city crews from cleaning could face a misdemeanor charge, a $1,000 fine or up to six months in jail. 

Protesters said the ordinance appears to be directed at homeless people. 

“This bill the way it is written makes it illegal to sit on a sidewalk therefore is an ordinance that would criminalize the homeless. No doubt about it,” said Emily Paulson, who spoke against the ordinance.

As of Dec. 2., sidewalk cleaning in downtown Las Vegas is an ongoing activity. The city responds to reports of excess trash and debris when necessary. 

The new ordinance would allow the Department of Operations to schedule the clean-ups at their discretion but the bill does not specify when or for how long the cleaning would last, something demonstrators said is suspect.

“Just like that last bill, it’s a war on the poor. It’s criminalizing poverty. Only this one is worse because you have no limitations. There is nothing specific in the bill and it leaves it ripe for abuse,” said protester Joey Lankowski.

The bill was introduced by Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman who declined to do an interview with FOX5.

The ordinance is scheduled to go before the city council on December 18.

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(5) comments


Want to get rid of the homeless ? Just let them continue to live on the sidewalks and street sides and eventually they will get ran over.


How about if Steyer and Bloomberg stop wasting millions on failed candidacies, spend it on shelters. Hypocrites.


Let all these self-righteous liberals each take one home.


Hey Lankowski and Paulson! Then let the homeless live with you. That will take care of the worthless getting in the way


These "critics" must be the dumbest group out there. The ordinance doesn't criminalize homelessness. It criminalizes impeding the maintenance or utility of public areas.

These critics need an education in the basics of life.

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