LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- More companies are pivoting to hire people to work from home, and seek employees such as parents who are committed to spend more time at home during distance learning. 

It's a shift to replenish much-needed employees in the American workforce, and fulfill different demands as business models shift during the pandemic.

In a survey from company FlexJobs, 40 percent of parents quit their jobs or  reduced their hours to accommodate the demands of distance learning.

FlexJobs has tracked the spike in the number of flexible job opportunities within the last quarter, and listed the top 50 companies hiring remote employees or offering work-from-home programs. 

Many positions include accountants, bookkeepers, customer service representatives, virtual assistants and more. 

Companies like Williams-Sonoma, with a call center based in the Las Vegas Valley, started to pivot to "work from home" programs prior to the pandemic.

Customer demand for home goods led to rapid hires. Call center employee numbers rose from the hundreds to more than 5,000.

Head of recruitment Josh Layton said the company still needs to hire 3,600 more workers. 

"Organic items, handpicked items-- they started flying off the shelves. It hasn't slowed down and stopped," Layton said.   

"We have built up extremely strong for the needs coming our way," he said. 

Layton, who works from home while helping his own children during the school day, said companies like Williams-Sonoma and others now have a common understanding of why people will choose to work from home, and different employers can be more flexible. 

"People understand that things have changed. People are empathizing, because everyone is dealing with the same thing," he said. 

For more information on Williams-Sonoma jobs, you can visit their Facebook page or the job posting. Click here

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