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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County officials saw a proposal for a low-cost homeless housing project on Tuesday.

A start-up company called Geoship submitted the proposal that includes futuristic structures called geodesic domes.

The structures are made of bio-ceramics and fit together much like Legos.

Online retailer Zappos, based in downtown Las Vegas, partnered with Geoship to get the project off the ground.

“The main thing that attracted us to Geoship was they have a very unique solution. It’s different, it’s thinking outside the box, it’s not your typical shelter proposal or even housing proposal,” said Tyler Williams of Zappos.

According to the proposal, the domes are fire-proof up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit, reflect heat to keep the interior cool during hot Las Vegas summers and are extremely durable.

“The product is very unique in that it is sustainable, it’s low cost, it’s highly durable, it’s super safe. So bio-ceramics to us was a very good approach providing low cost, sustainable shelters,” said Williams.

Geoship said it can deliver a 200-square-foot model for $30,000. Clark County officials would first have to award the contract to Geoship before construction can start.

Geoship said if it is given the contract to build, the start-up could break ground in fall 2020.

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If only the answer were as simple as shelter. What about utilities, especially sewer? What about safety and security versus vandalism, crime and drug use? Who cleans them to avoid them becoming unlivable and worse yet, harbors for disease? And finally, what neighborhood won’t mind having these facilities, while still enticing the currently homeless to stay there?

These are the problems that have led to the general failure of housing efforts again and again. The homeless are a diverse group, so there are always examples of success and total failure, so those are not good rulers to measure this project. But what about those very real issues raised above?

Might I suggest that the floor is concrete sloped to a drain, and the interior is waterproof so that these units can be cheaply emptied, disinfected, and cleaned, in case that is necessary?


It can't just be free housing. For most, it has to include reintegration into the work force, as well as education in financial planning and budgeting.

The whole other group consisting of drug users and mentally ill? They are a completely different problem.

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