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Clark County approved funding for a company expanding to Las Vegas that provides ride-hailing service for kids.

A rideshare program for children is set to launch in the Las Vegas Valley soon.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A ride-hailing service for kids is coming to the Las Vegas Valley. HopSkipDrive confirmed it will start Clark County in January.

“We knew there was a great need for working parents on a day to day basis,” HopSkipDrive senior vice president of sales Toby McGraw said. “It was founded by three working moms who had a goal to transport their own students to and from school and soccer practices.”

The company, comparable to other ride-hailing platforms, currently operates in 13 cities in eight states. McGraw called it a "safe, dependable transportation solution that both schools and families can depend on" to get kids where they need to go.

Rides start at $17 and increase based on distance and time. Families who carpool can also share rides.

“I would be probably be one of their first customers and one of their best,” Las Vegas mom-of-four Mia Wolfe said.

Wolfe, who is a real estate agent, said she is constantly juggling her work schedule with her children’s extra-curricular activities. There had been times where she has brought her children to open houses when their schedules overlap.

“One time my husband was out of town and my son had a soccer game,” Wolfe recalled. “I had to run to the soccer game, grab [my son], and take him straight to the open house. If had a service [like Hop Skip Drive] that would be amazing.”

FOX5 looks at how ride-hailing for children works in other cities as one company plans expansion to Las Vegas.

However, not all parents were open to the idea.

In a mom group on Facebook, one user told FOX5 she would never use it. Another mom called the service "risky," saying she would never put her kids in a car with a stranger, regardless of their certification.

“One of our company values is that safety is everything,” McGraw said. “All of our drivers have to pass a very rigorous certification process. This includes background checks.”

Among qualifications required in the company’s 15-point certification process, drivers must have five years of experience as a caregiver and must undergo fingerprinting and regular DMV checks.

McGraw also said company staff meets every driver in person and does a face-to-face orientation. 

“A lot of our drivers have worked in schools previously, they’ve worked in assisted-care facilities, they have a natural inclination of supporting our youth and elderly population.”

Additionally, parents will be able to track the location and speed of the ride, and so will company staff.

Los Angeles is one of the 13 cities currently using the service.

“It’s just another platform just like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, it's just for kids,” said Attorney Robin Saghian with Omega Law Group.

Saghian said over the last year he’s taken a couple cases with Hop Skip Drive involving injured drivers.

“Somebody else will crash into Hop Skip Driver and they'll injure the driver. We've never handled one with an injured child thank god,” he said.

“I was willing to trust them to drive our students,” said Amber Finley.

Finley used to live in L.A. and ran an after school program at her martial arts studio. She said one of her students used HopSkipDrive. 

“They never were late ... It always seemed like somebody that you would see as like a professional nanny or something. So usually young women in their twenties. It wasn't like your typical Uber driver,” said Finley. 

Finley said she wanted to partner with the rideshare service but she had to move to Las Vegas. 

Clark County commissions approved a $250,000 contract with the Department of Child and Family Services to transport foster youth from their home placements to the school.

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