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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- More than 2,300 firework complaints were filed over the weekend in Clark County as "safe and sane" fireworks go on sale ahead of the July 4 holiday.

In total, county officials said 6,184 complaints have been filed since June 1 through, with 2,359 complaints alone from Friday, June 26 to midnight June 29.

Firework stands were allowed to start selling legal fireworks in Clark County on June 28.

Illegal fireworks can be reported online at

“Illegal fireworks cause a lot of fear and frustration in our community, and we encourage people to go to the ISpy website to report complaints,” Clark County Commission Vice Chairman Lawrence Weekly said in a statement. “The data from the site helps us document the problem and plan future enforcement efforts. It also was set up to help keep our 911 dispatch system free for emergency responses. The Fourth of July is always one of the busiest nights of the year for local police and firefighters.”

Last year, the site logged almost 17,000 complaints from June 28 through July 5, with 14,237 alone on July 4.

For those lighting legal fireworks on the holiday, officials remind the public to be courteous and safe in their celebrations:

  • Be Courteous: Let your neighbors know ahead of time if you plan to celebrate with fireworks so the noise doesn’t surprise them.
  • Be prepared in case of fire. Have a pre-connected garden hose handy.
  • Use fireworks on flat, hard surfaces such as parking lots and cul-de-sacs away from buildings, vehicles, dry brush and bystanders. Place discharged fireworks into a bucket of water overnight to make certain they do not re-ignite.
  • Keep close supervision on children and pets; maintaining a distance away from the fireworks that are being ignited minimizes the possibility of injury. Do not let children ignite fireworks.
  • Beware of sparklers. These can be popular items to give young children, but they can cause clothes to catch on fire and serious burns.
  • Coordinate lighting the items so that everyone in the group anticipates when they will be set off and won’t be surprised.
  • Clean up litter left behind by fireworks.

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(3) comments


Leave the effen country if a few days of celebrating the 4th give you cause to narc on your neighbors. I hate you people.


Leave the effen country if you can't understand that people actually WORK for a living! Nobody wants to be woken up at 11pm-2am cause of y'all crackheads. SWEAR it's all the people from California that immigrated here & ruined the County. Also, people have pets. It's scares animals. Not that CERTAIN people from Clark County would care. God knows you let your animals run wild (much like your kids).


Yeah because only people from other states celebrate the 4th? Idiot. As for the rest of your post - you sound like a real whiner. Good thing we aren't neighbors.

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