LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The City of Las Vegas will break ground this year on its largest resource to help the homeless.

The first phase of the Courtyard Homeless Resource Center opened a few years ago. Now the city plans to expand it.

The CARE Complex is just one of the non-profits near the courtyard. Volunteers explained what needs to be done to better help thousands of homeless people.

The non-profit helps people find jobs, starting with getting them IDs, bus passes, medical care and lockers.

“The end goal of everything we do is to place people into housing,” CARE Complex president Michael Swecker said.

Across the street is the city’s ongoing courtyard project. It started staying open 24/7 in the Summer of 2018.

“We would just like to see the courtyard be a better place - a more humane place, a more dignified place and a place that provides more services,” said Swecker.

The city said the expansion will include more classrooms, showers, kitchens, pet care and more services.

Volunteers at the CARE Complex support the expansion, saying if the services are there, people will come.

“If it was a kind enough place, if it was a hopeful enough place, why wouldn't they?” said Swecker. “You would want to go there on your own accord, you wouldn't have to transport them there.”

The city said the new courtyard will be able to help 800 people at a time. It’s set to open in 2021.

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