Jara at CCSD town hall meeting

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County School District officials passed a vote of no confidence in Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara on Wednesday, two days after announcing he would eliminate all 170 dean positions from middle and high schools.

The vote was unanimous among the 72 middle and high schools principals who were present at Green Valley High School, the Clark County Association of School Administrators and Professional Tech-Employees said. This was the first no confidence vote ever cast against a superintendent in CCSD's history.

According to CCASAPE, school leaders were outraged they were not consulted about the cuts beforehand. The deans had to found out from a video posted online.

"To be honest with you, the dean cut was a surprise," Sierra Vista High School principal John Anzalone said. "My two deans are extremely upset, my teachers are panicking."

"Dean positions at all middle and high schools will be eliminated indefinitely," Jara said in the video. "It is our hope that we will be able to retail the outstanding members of our family be repositioning them back into the classroom. Though any cuts means a loss for our schools, placing them back into teaching positions is the only silver lining to this incredible loss."

The cuts are expected to cover the $17 million in cuts as the school district works to close its deficit. More money was provided for education at the end of the 80th Legislative Session, but Clark County still required more funds.

Jara said multiple measures passed to ensure teachers get raises for the upcoming school year, but that the measures created a deficit of $33 million.

To fund the raises, $166 million was needed, and two measures in the Nevada Legislature allowed $49 million and $90 million, respectively. 

CCASAPE said it wants Jara to reinstate the dean positions and look elsewhere for funding. 

A current middle school dean who spoke to FOX5 on the condition of anonymity said maintaining the level of school safety without a dean will not be easy or practical.

"I do think schools will be less safe, I mean you’ve got one or two people whose sole job is to focus on school safety and they are no longer there is no question that it will be less safe," she said.

During a town hall meeting at UNLV on Wednesday, tensions rose among parents, teachers, deans and school staff over the proposed cuts. 

"Shame on the trustees for giving him the authorization to move forward with cutting 170 human beings who deliver services to kids and teachers every single day," said Stephan Augspurger, Executive Director of CCASAPE.

Superintendent Jara said he regretted the way the news was delivered during the town hall. However Jara stood his ground on his decision to cut deans.

"We have to come back and make a cut of $17-$18 million dollars next year. So when you go back and look where do we cut, and my commitment has always been, you have to cut furthest away from the classroom," said Jara.

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